“Don’t mess with mother” – analogy

Sorry, I couldn’t help but make the analogy…


Of course, Mary’s ferocity is to get us to go to Confession and go to heaven.

Anecdote time – and this does NOT break the Seal of Confession!

When I was a permanent chaplain in Lourdes and hearing zillions of Confessions of the 12,000,000 pilgrims that 150th anniversary jubilee year in the “Confessions Chapel,” the last penitent left the confessional leaving the door open. Another pilgrim appeared and, before coming in, declared before God and everyone else in ear shot (really a lot of people as it was jammed) that he didn’t know what he was doing there, that he didn’t want to be there, that he hated this, but it was just that after some moments in the grotto he felt compelled to come into the Confessions Chapel, and there he was, hating the whole thing, surely with his guardian angel smacking him down hard. And then he came in, closed the door, and…

That’s how our Lady works. Don’t mess with Jesus’ good mom. She’ll get you every time.

P.S. I have not ever, not now, nor will I ever, as far as I know, ever own an iPhone.


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4 responses to ““Don’t mess with mother” – analogy

  1. what is wrong with an Iphone? Is it listenable? (A word I just coined – to say does it record what we talk about when it’s not even in use?) Depending upon what you tell me I might not ever get one either. I have a flip phone. (which embarrasses my g’kids – so old fashioned YIKES!)

  2. sanfelipe007

    I thought maybe Father was cautioning us in case we were to receive a communication, ostensibly from him, that ends in “sent from my IphoneX.”

  3. pelerin

    I love Fr George’s comment of ‘She’ll get you every time!’
    I keep a notebook of my visits to Lourdes and on my first visit under ‘Last day’ I have written ‘Confession – last minute decision.’
    The following year, also on my last day, I have written ‘Confession – put it off until last minute when something forced me to go before leaving.’
    Even if I decide not to go to Confession there and quickly walk by the Confessions chapel on my way to the Grotto, Our Lady does indeed get me in the end!

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