Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (So, if Jesus continues…, edition)


These “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception” put up on this blog are a recognition that the Word of the Father, now Incarnate, Jesus – through whom everything was created – continues to create flowers that they might be given, as it were, by the likes of any of us, to His good mom.

Now, if Jesus, who walked this earth with His good mom, is still creating such creatures to this end, then it is incumbent upon us to follow up in what way we can.

But if such life, in this way or that, with the Holy Family continues while we are still upon this earth, despite all the darkness and error and sin, that means that we are not to lose hope. We might want to point out this or that horrific example of unfaithfulness and how much souls are being hurt right around the world. We might want to point out the great apostasy that is happening. Do take note of all that. And pray. Why?

You may want to remember a few things. When Jesus walked this earth He was nailed to the cross. Think about that for a moment. Stripped. Tortured. Crucified. Meanwhile He was betrayed by an Apostle. And then He was denied by the one to whom He gave the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Keys of Binding and Loosing. And all the others ran away. Do we try to top that: “But so and so did this! But so and so did that!” Really? Does that shake your faith?

Does it shake your faith in yourself to then hear from the very Son of the Living God, risen from the dead, bearing the wounds upon Himself: “Be not afraid!”

I should hope that that shakes faith in ourselves so that we can just believe in Jesus.

By the way, He creates flowers for us to give to His good mom. She saw it all. So, yes, I think Jesus has a good idea with the flowers thing. Very sweet. Necessary, I think.

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  1. elizdelphi

    We had our twice annual (May and October) rosary march today, very perfect weather. There is a May crowning, always with roses presented to Mary. I gave Mary a rose. Afterward we were invited to take flowers home and Mary gave me a rose.

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