Holy Communion: receiving on the tongue vs grabbing with the hand


Tiny little feathered friends seen on the Day Off. Very humble, that. Merely receiving. Not grabbing. What does the Lord say to us all in Psalm 81:11?

“Open wide your mouth that I may fill it.”

Also, the Tree of Life, i.e., the Tree of the Living Ones, comes to mind. Adam may receive the fruit of the Tree, the Eucharist from the Cross, but Adam may not reach out his hand and grab the fruit of the Tree, pretending that in that way he will live forever, that is, because he reached out his hand as if he’s saving himself. No. But he may receive if he is receptive.

Adoration this past Sunday at 6:00 AM at Holy Redeemer:



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2 responses to “Holy Communion: receiving on the tongue vs grabbing with the hand

  1. pelerin

    Did anyone else notice that the 245 First Communicants who received from Pope Francis at Mass this week all without exception received on the tongue?

  2. Joisy Goil

    As an Eucharistic minister I can attest to the grabbers, but receiving on the tongue isn’t necessarily the answer. Some folks don’t open their mouth and/or don’t stick out their tongue, so we end up with a juggling act. Dropping the host is the thing we all pray won’t happen and it traumatizes all concerned (the Eucharistic minister, the altar server who assists and the communicant). I really wish the celebrant would address this fact occasionally. I think a lot of people just weren’t taught or forgot. (I pray it’s not that they don’t care)

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