Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (If I were Pope, edition)


A comment came in on Sunday morning having it that I can go ahead and pray for Satanic anti-Pope Francis all I want, but that won’t make him into some kind of Pope since, it was said, he’s not Pope, and why don’t I go ahead and pray for the real Pope, Pope Benedict? I guess this guy doesn’t know my connection with the great Ratz.

The same guy in the same comment continued with a diatribe listing his complaints about Pope Francis. It was very clever, even humorous, citing “amoralis laetitia”, and it was ever so literary, using phrases like “…anyone passing familiar with…”

This is a young guy, and attorney. My dad was an attorney, one of the best, you know, Georgetown Law School, the whole bit. So, I’m thinking I should pity this guy, but then, minutes after that long rant, another comment, a taunting, baiting comment came in from him revealing the real motive for sede-vacantism. He said:

“Don’t wish to engage the issue, aye Padre?”

This is a smart guy. He knows priests are just a little bit busy on Sundays, especially one in a parish with only one priest. He knows I have zero time to “engage” with him on Sunday morning, and that’s the point, right? winning by attrition, killing the one you consider to be your opponent and declaring yourself victor? Is that “winning”? We should remember that Jesus was victor by being tortured to death by those who were convinced they were right while making sure there was no possibility of rebuttal. Or so they thought. Jesus rose from the dead. And Peter repented.

This priest was up before 3:00 AM, leaving for church soon after 5:30 AM for our Sunday morning Holy Hour of Adoration and Confessions at 6:00 AM. I then raced up across the mountain to another county in the parish for more Adoration and Confessions and then Mass (a 40 mile round trip) and then a “social”, and then racing back for more Confessions and another Mass and then, this past Sunday, a special Knights of Columbus Mothers Day “social” (at which a security team, by the way, was put together for the church from Catholics and those becoming Catholic!) and then, what? Oh yes! Then off to the Nursing Home/Rehab to bring Holy Communion, another 30 mile round trip. Then, having raced back in the evening to the rectory, time to feed Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog. Then, more dead than alive, crashing to sleep, worried that I haven’t yet engaged our sede-vacantist friend…

swiss guard fatimaAfter all this, I saw a YouTube on what the ideal Pope would be like. It was all about favorite niceness. It immediately struck me as being ever so insufficient and missing the point altogether.

It comes to mind, then, what I would do if I were Pope. I think I would go to Confession. Yes. That’s what I would do. For all the world to see (though not hear, out of respect for the Confessor to keep the Seal of Confession), you know, right out on the Loggia.

And then I would mention some of my lack to the world and say that the only thing I myself could bring to being Bishop of Rome, the only thing I have of myself, is sin, is a denial of Jesus, which, however, I would protest, as did Peter, that I don’t want to do that. I would ask for prayers. And then I would speak of being thankful to Jesus’ good mom for interceding for me – not for becoming Pope! – but rather that I might receive the mercy and forgiveness of her Divine Son, as did Peter after his denial of Jesus. That’s what’s important.

And then I would encourage others to go to Confession. And then I would place a flower at the feet of Jesus’ good mom. She would be up on the Loggia too. And then I would do the Urbi et Orbi and then I would ask everyone again to pray for me that I may not run away from the wolves, that I may not fall asleep in Gethsemane.

But I don’t think I would beg forgiveness for doing what I should do with Adoration and Confessions and Mass and taking care of the sick and dying and encouraging those who are in the process of converting.

Oh, I forgot. I’m probably not considered a real priest anyway. How could I be if I ask for prayers for any and every Pope regardless of whether they need prayers or not? If I asked for prayers for all Popes, surely I’m a Judas hypocrite.

The truth is that all popes need our prayers. We all need the prayers of each other. Is it such crime to pray for Pope Francis?

For the sede-vacantist guy, and for me, and for all of us, and for Pope Francis:

Hail Mary…


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2 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (If I were Pope, edition)

  1. pelerin

    Wow – that is quite a Sunday Father and I expect your other Sundays are similar! It is surprising that even some Catholics do not often realise how overworked their own priests are especially here in England where the majority are running a parish on their own.
    Only the other day a friend (baptised but now atheist) said to me referring to priests ‘but what do they DO all day?’ Remembering the four I know who have had heart attacks, and one now retired who had a breakdown I attempted to explain but I don’t think I was able to convince her.

  2. Joisy Goil

    These ‘great minds’ who criticize and judge the Pope should think a little. If the Pope Francis is truly a false Pope then he NEEDS prayer even more than if he is a saintly, spiritual giant loved by all. However I suspect Pope Francis is like all of us, struggling to walk the narrow road to heaven. Unlike most of us, he is in the spotlight and his every move and comment is scrutinized and (perhaps) misquoted or twisted.

    The good sisters used to tell us that if you are persecuted it is a good sign that you are on the right track, because the devil protects his own until he pulls the rug from under them.

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