Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Square root is the cure, edition)


Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederaceae) has a visibly and – to the touch – a markedly SQUARE stem. This ivy is extremely common, found in North America and Europe and right through Southwest Asia, that is, including Israel.

If you pick a heap of it and stuff it tightly into a quart jar so that there’s pretty much zero air, and then fill up the jar with what vodka[!] you can pour into it right up to the brim, screwing on the cap tightly, and then turn it upside down and downside up day by day for at least six weeks, you’ll then have a very effective home cure for plenty of types of annoying and long term, even years-long coughs. And it’s surprisingly and happily effective beginning from the very first sip. This is the experience of many. It is NOT for women of child-bearing age as it is also an abortifacient. See the “Safety” section for the article on this plant in Wikipedia HERE.

The brothers and sisters of Jesus – using evidence from the Gospels – are absolutely not the blood children of Jesus’ virgin mother. Everything points to them being “throw-away” kids, “street” kids, homeless orphans whom the Holy Family took in upon return from their exile in Egypt after Jesus’ miraculous birth in Bethlehem. Surely they would come to the security and care of the Holy Family sick and miserable. Surely Mary would be able to provide them with home-remedies. Surely something to do with this herb was part of that home remedy in some way for those youngsters.

So, a flower for you, Mary. And we’re happy to be adopted also into the Holy Family.

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