Our perception of time is surreal until

salvador dali persistence of time

Salvador Dali calls this The Persistence of Time. That’s our fallen human perspective of reality for sure. Surreal.

Meanwhile, time is drawn into one hour upon the Cross where we find the very Creator of time, time being drawn together in our redemption, He drawing all to Himself right through that hell of Calvary.

This is where we find the mercy of forgiveness, mercy being a dirty word for many these days, you know, for those who have no need of mercy whatsoever, so self-righteous are they.

But it is good to rejoice in mercy in humble thanksgiving, which becomes the engine of any firm purpose of amendment. This is most beautiful in contrast to the arrogance of self-righteousness to which so many run ever so breathlessly, congratulating themselves.



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2 responses to “Our perception of time is surreal until

  1. Michael Brandon

    Good Morning Father

    Sometimes I wonder how come your head doesn’t explode when you get these profound revelations of the ways of God and the ways of man.

    When I first realized that God is not bound by time and space, many years ago, I thought it was cool, but did not really grasp it.

    But, in history, time has only stood still once, that moment when Jesus died on the Cross. And it stands still and has stood still as we enter again into that moment at every Consecration of the Eucharist.

    God Bless You, Father

    Michael Brandon

  2. nancyv

    uhh, YES, what Michael just wrote!
    Surreal…until. That’s a phrase that I will now remember (I hope).
    Deo gratias!

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