Road Danger: Amidst the beauty…


This was in the newspaper yesterday. This is a particularly dangerous section of the famed Nantahala Gorge, on the outer reaches of my parish. It goes from two lanes to one in the one direction, and the other side only has one lane, meaning people pass on the double yellow. So dangerous. A good place for a speed camera.

There are lots of rafting buses, adventure seekers with Kayaks, people just driving slowly to try to take in the stunning beauty all along the way. And then there are those who are locals, just going to work, annoyed with all the beauty, wishing it were all a ten lane interstate so that they wouldn’t be slowed down by others.

When you live in the paradise, it’s a good to enjoy it! Of course, if you have to say that, it means that it’s not all paradise in paradise. We are fallen human creatures, and external beauty fades into insignificance. On the flip side, this also means that what is most significant steamrolls over both external beauty and that which is less so, so that all, anywhere at any time, can rejoice in being redeemed, and, please God, saved, by our Lord Jesus.

There’s plenty of talk – going on forever it seems – about putting in a four lane highway right over the mountains so as to avoid this most dangerous gorge. Even if they do put that in, I imagine that I will be happy to take the dangerous and most beautiful route.

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