Progress on church renovation


We’re ripping up the wretched carpet perhaps dating to the 1960s. A start:


All gone…


Continuing today with laying down a new floor on the Epistle side. This will include the floors of both sides of the confessional…


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10 responses to “Progress on church renovation

  1. gueydangirl

    Nice! That was needed!

  2. There is nothing worse than wretched carpet. Those with allergies will rejoice at its departure.

  3. pelerin

    I hate seeing carpets in a church especially what I would call a ‘dining-room carpet.’ I expect they did date from the 1960s and it is not only Catholic churches which succombed to this fad.

    A relative who had been researching the Family Tree discovered that an ancestor of ours had been buried under the floor of a church in a nearby town and even found out what the wording was on the plaque covering his grave. He asked me if I would go and photograph it.

    Off I went armed with camera to this ancient C of E church many hundreds of years old. I opened the door and to my horror was confronted with a bright ‘Royal-blue’ carpet which had been laid throughout the church. I walked round slowly realising that any graves there were now covered with this monstrosity and had to report back that photographing our ancestors’ grave was impossible. In effect the church had covered up its history as our ancestor had a connection to an important historical event in British history and which presumably was the reason he was buried under the floor there.

    I later contacted the lady vicar and asked if she could let me know if ever they decided to remove the carpet!

  4. sanfelipe007

    Your tale, Pelerin, reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song:
    Big Yellow Taxi
    “Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    ‘Till it’s gone
    They paved paradise
    And they put up a parking lot”

  5. sanfelipe007

    Master of Ceremonies appears with microphone in hand [a moment of feed-back]
    MC: We have enjoyed Father’s musing on the lyrics to popular songs. I wonder if I could trouble father to muse on the lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now?”

    [audience claps loudly]

    Father lowers his head, perceptive of the absurdity of the request, and motions “no.”

    [audience claps louder]

    • Father George David Byers

    • Father George David Byers

      Notre Dame in glory… Notre Dame burning… How many there love Jesus who is our life?

      Our little church gets a little facelift. But how many, while seeing both sides, see the constant of love and life in Jesus?

      Both sides? If we see the hell Jesus saved us from we can have the joy of truly thanking Him.

      Both sides: St Paul says to carry about the glory of the love manifested by the death if Jesus for us that we might thus witness to His resurrection.

  6. sanfelipe007

    Amen. Unable to sleep, I stopped by to look around. Joni’s voice has aged so well. The arrangement beautiful. The sound of a child’s voice saying “I love you, is sweet, but that same child, after a lifetime of living in the world, saying “I love you” can be so much more …
    I am grateful for your musing. I am saying another rosary for you and your intentions as soon as I hit “post comment.”

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