Civil Registration of Clergy in China

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the “Holy See” published a comment on whether or not clergy (priests and bishops) in China should go ahead and register civilly as clergy. It’s a dire situation. The short comment put out by the Holy See is ambiguous at best.

I’m guessing that this was prepared by McCarrick. I’m guessing that the Chinese extorted Pope Francis to publish it. Extortion is possible. Anyone remember Pope Francis’ “Front of House”, Miriam Woldu, who was murdered just before the homosexualist referendum in Italy? As expected, no one made a peep about that after her murder.

I note that this comment on civil registration in China has no provenance other than the “Holy See.” In other words, the document is so horrifically ambiguous that no one is willing to take responsibility for it, not even the Secretary of State. Incredible. Almost without precedent. I’ll write more about this, please God, with full analysis. But I just wanted to put this out there with a mention of McCarrick, you know, to bait some reaction. Anyone with something helpful to say?


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4 responses to “Civil Registration of Clergy in China

  1. Catherine

    Father George, I agree with you about praying for our Pope even though we don’t agree with him. I don’t direct this writing at you but at the helplessness of this whole situation.
    If you had to choose ONE thing that Pope Francis has done that brings sadness and distress on you and the Church, what would it be? The “things” our leader are allowing aren’t little so it might be difficult to choose. The “one thing” he allowed that causes me distrust and anguish and pain is concerning the underground Christian Chinese lay people, priests and bishops. After agreements, etc. were signed, the news revealed what Chinese authorities began doing to the Christian Church and its people. The terrible persecution of these brothers and sisters of ours was laid out and the stark reality of what they are enduring is revealed. Pope Francis was questioned and questioned about the wisdom of this decision and why it was made. We weren’t getting an answer. Finally Pope Francis stated that the responsibility rested on his own head. My heart froze. What does that mean? Does that mean he is taking responsibility for all eternity all the lives and souls of every man, woman, child, priest, bishop and Christian whose souls are lost, or suffering or is murdered or disappears?. Thank goodness God is merciful, kind and loving. But for the “normal Joe” I wonder, how can you trust someone who is given to this kind of betrayal despite being advised and warned and knowing what will happen to his children and permitting it to happen. Its hard to wrap your head around the cruelity of this “one thing”. The contradictions of his actions and decisions leaves me confused and untrusting.
    Yes! We definitely need to pray and sacrifice for our leader and brother, Pope Francis. This is not a game and peoples lives are at stake. This is not my judgment on our Pope but rather these are my observations and concerns. I am not leaving the Church. It is my home. It is where I find and receive Jesus.
    Thank you Father George for being a good and faithful priest. God bless you! I will understand if you don’t allow this writing to go through. Sincerely, Catherine

  2. Is the Chinese government demanding that clerics (who are under the authority of Pope Francis) register with them? That sounds suicidal. Is the pope requesting that those same clerics register with the Vatican? That sounds dangerous. Those names could be leaked to the Chinese government, which would destroy the Church in China: that would benefit Uncle Teddy and his buddy’s..

  3. Aussie Mum

    You express my sentiments too Catherine, and then there is the protest in Hong Kong. If I am not mistaken, the communist regime in Russia lasted about 70 years and it is now about 70 years since Communists took over in China. I am very much hoping that this protest in Hong Kong that has a large Catholic component will be successful and mark the beginning of the end of the Communist government in China. May I suggest that Catholics around the globe, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in China, ask our Mother of Sheshan – Mary Help of Christians – to protect the Church and bring down the communist government there.

  4. Aussie Mum

    The prayer of his Holiness Benedict XVI to Our Lady of Sheshan that should have been sent with my previous post is linked to below.

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