Ironic ultramontanists

pope francis parrot

Those who forget Jesus entirely, who 24/7/365 are filled with hate for, say, the Pope, are just as ultramontanist as anyone could ever be, for they with a total lack of justice give the Pope the impious honor of taking all their attention. Really, he’s not that important. Jesus is the One. Jesus is the only One. To define one’s life by anything and everything about the Pope is to live over against piety, a virtue of justice, to render proper honor to the one whom honor is due. It is improper to define one’s life by anyone other than Jesus.

Meanwhile, pray for the Pope. That doesn’t necessarily mean pray for his agenda, but rather that he always be consistent with the will of God.

  • Might one want to be of assistance to the Pope by offering some insight to him? Sure! Do it! I have!
  • Might one want to offer clarity on that which is ambiguous for the sake of saving souls? Sure! Do it! I have!

But, don’t lose the plot. Let your life be defined by Jesus. Walk with Him! Throw His words about in your heart and soul and mind as did Jesus’ good mom (as repeated again and again by Saint Luke in his Gospel).

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Well said, Father. I’ll be using your thoughts in teaching CCD.

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