My tiny blog shadow banned?

Someone dropped a comment to say that following the blog via email doesn’t work for her because the link in the email notification is corrupted. Anyone else with that problem? This has apparently been going on for many months. Mind you, server names from Google and YouTube are frequently present, spending great amounts of time and going through very many posts, in other words, real people, not just bots. So, what’s that?


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6 responses to “My tiny blog shadow banned?

  1. I occasionally click on the email to go to the post and the post isn’t there.

  2. Mary Fran

    That happens quite often for me. Lots that you post I never see. The link leads me to a page that says, “not found.” I often wonder if they are targeting you. And for WHAT?

  3. sanfelipe007

    It happened to me, many times, but I am so obstinate, that I click the link several times and it works eventually. It made me think that the problem was somewhere along the chain of transfers, so now, I just go directly to this site via a bookmark and I read the posts in reverse order.

  4. Nan

    I don’t even get the email although I signed up for notifications.

  5. pelerin

    Perfect link from email to blog here in GB. Never any problem.

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