Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Parawings, edition)


Not sure what this is in the back yard of the rectory. The plant is like seven to eight feet tall with many woody branches. The “buds” are microscopic flowers that are packed tightly together in their multiple dozens to make their team effort visible as seemingly one flower “bud” so as make themselves available to helpful insects. That bud, however, is still really tiny. But then the parawings burst open and take flight, able to travel very far and very wide, that one team effort (with very many “buds” on each of the branches of the tall plant), being enough to multiply themselves in a hyperbolic manner across an entire region.

Mary’s Son spoke of a little flock and He also commissioned His apostles to preach unto the ends of the earth. His parables frequently included small seeds or ingredients having ginormous effects.

Are we not aided for a mission we know not what or where by our fellow believers, a team effort, but then, in all of our unrepeatable circumstances, perhaps sometimes seemingly quite alone, are we not brought by the Holy Spirit to that which – He knows in His Providence for us – will bring about many souls won for the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes.

I’m not sure if our attempts at parawings are any improvement on our Lord’s invention of the flowers He’s made also for His good mom. What’s for sure is that we can never improve on the navigational intentions, if you will, of where the Holy Spirit would like to bring us in the evangelization of the Word of God. We might think we’re more clever, perhaps thinking that conforming God’s ways to our fallen ways is “mature” and “up to date.” We might think that going along with the Holy Spirit, whithersoever He wishes to go without consulting us (and that’s what aggravates us) is somehow insultingly “blind faith” and entirely unreasonable. Instead, being available to be faithful in every circumstance, with no compromise, ever, is always the way to be evangelizing the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

To keep to the analogy, what if this tall plant were to decide to put out pumpkin or watermelon seeds, which would grow on the top branches and then sunder the plant so that the entirety of it dies within one generation? That’s something we would do. Doesn’t work. So: No compromise! No shortcuts. No conforming God’s love and truth to our fallen ways and calling it all good. We’ll just end up dead. Following our Lord’s ways, saying yes to the Holy Spirit, good things happen. Mary once said “Yes! Let it done to me according to thy word.” Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

Let’s make a real life application in the life of the Church today. Saint Francis was no Shaman, no gnostic freakoid using nature as his power trip to commandeering some kind of control over the nature-gods. Saint Francis liked nature so much, instead, because it, a creature, just does what God, the Creator, commands it to do. We, in our fallen human nature, in front of such obedience, should be brought to know our disobedience, so that we might repent, which is glorious, and for which we are to praise God in humble thanksgiving. That’s true in the back yard of my little rectory, or in the Amazon, or in synod halls over in Rome. ;-)

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  1. nancyv

    Good one! (what am I saying?! , all the flowers you give are good)

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