Homily 2017* 09 15 Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary pieta

Word-carved Pieta from Austria 1420 AD, not the one I speak about in the homily, but similar to it in a remote kind of way.

[[ I’m reposting this as not many sermons in the world were on Our Lady of Sorrows as the feast fell on a Sunday this year. ]]

========== original post ==========

I’ve been recording my homilies these past days, but it never worked, until I realized that I have to but the little flash card in the recorder for it to work. Sigh. But I did it today.

About today. Here’s something humiliating but great for improvement. I realize in listening to this – it is so very painful – that if I’m thinking out a homily on the spot, you can hear me thinking kind of like hearing the grass grow. Sssssllllloooooooowwwww.

Well, now I know. Glad I know. Anyway, I tell two stories, one about my mom and one about Lourdes. Kind of. I need to be more prepared.

I also learned I’ll have to keep the recorder closer to me while I speak. It’s a little fading here and there. So I learn. Anyway, hope you like it.

UPDATE: This is the Pieta I mention in the homily. Originally, the bank of candles surrounded the image in front and to both sides on wooden shelves, in front of which, all the way around, there were kneelers so that many people could be there at the same time.

pieta st mary cathedral st cloud mn


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8 responses to “Homily 2017* 09 15 Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. Monica Harris

    Nothing wrong, everything right. Thank you very much.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I have not heard this one, yet. But since I have recorded many, many musicians, speakers, and events, I have always found that no amount of practice, poise, or trappings can substitute for the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy spirit lifts up one’s work – warts, and all – bringing everyone* along for the ride.

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    I’m listening now. “Alleluia.” Beautiful. The pauses in your voice are natural. “yikes.” Now I know how you say it, so when you write it, I have at least one point of reference – until now, “yikes” evoked a Road Runner cartoon in my mind.
    —— Finished.
    I like your Homily. “Sssssllllloooooooowwwww,” is GOOOD. We are on God’s time, not human time. I want to tarry, with you, in the Homily. Your “slowness” comes across as discipline, self-possession, and an attentiveness for the listener.

    I prefer an off-the-cuff Homily, like this one, to a planned homily complete with note cards, or even worse, a Homily read word-for-word from a paper. I mean, unless it is Scripture, there is little room left for the Holy Spirit to participate in the delivery. Unless it is to inspire the reader to put. it. down.

    Thank you so much, Father. I don’t know if you sense it yet, but the Lord has plans for your little recorder.

  3. sanfelipe007

    I forgot to address the asterisk.

    * Those docile to the Holy Spirit.

  4. Gary Woodams

    Thank you so much, Please record more of your Homilies

  5. Carrie Mundt

    Thank you, Father. It was perfect, what I needed to hear.

  6. sanfelipe007

    This homily, is wonderful.

  7. pelerin

    Last month I discovered that there were two chapels in Lourdes dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. I was sitting on a bench in the shade outside the Accueil Saint-Frai when a group of pilgrims from the Far East entered the courtyard. One of them proceeded to stand in front of the chapel there waving a large flag and one by one others joined him.

    Eventually one of them came over to where I was sitting. He showed me his itinerary which included ‘Mass in the Chapel of Mater Dolorosa’ but was puzzled to find this chapel closed. I assured him that it was indeed the Chapel of Notre Dame des Douleurs but was unable to help him further. The group stood around for some time and then suddenly left presumably having found out their correct rendez-vous from someone more knowledgeable than myself.

    A few days later as I took a bus up the hill I spotted out of the window the ‘Chapelle Mater Dolorosa’ near the entrance to the Stations of the Cross. That was the Chapel on the group’s itinerary! There were indeed two chapels in Lourdes dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. I do hope that group found it eventually.

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