Homily 2019 09 15 Prodigal Son and descriptions of (im-)perfect contrition

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The one thing I forgot to mention in this homily was that the “pity” or “compassion” the Father had upon seeing his prodigal son is something rather altogether more precisely the kind of mercy that belongs to Jesus alone. And, indeed, the word used is employed exclusively for the mercy Jesus shows to us sinners. It’s not that Jesus merely had compassion or pity, but rather that His very heart was sacrificed. Yes. And it was, for us, literally, in the agony of the garden and upon the cross and upon our altars.


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2 responses to “Homily 2019 09 15 Prodigal Son and descriptions of (im-)perfect contrition

  1. Terry

    I love the drawing that has both the father and the dog running to greet the son! For years I sympathized with the eldest son…the “good” child being taken for granted…a reflection of my own childhood. It has taken a few years of reflection and maturity to realize that I am, at times, the prodigal son who needs the Father’s love and mercy to welcome me back home. I have also come to realize that love and mercy for others does not diminish that which is available to me. Ah…but the trust issues still remain. I was thinking yesterday, “But can the prodigal son really be trusted? Has he really repented and has he changed?” God’s love is never-ending. I have my baggage. Working on it, but it’s hard.

  2. Monica Harris

    I love this Homily, outstanding.

    “ just needed to be found.”

    Thank you very much, Father Byers.

    Above all, Lord of all, thank you Jesus Christ.

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