It’s an alien! And it’s not even Area 51!


In Nevada (with each “a” pronounced like the second “a” in “area”), the U.S. Air Force has appropriately set up a Test and Training Range. They call it Area 51.

Let’s see:

  • Air Force – stuff in the air for use of force
  • Test range – meaning cool and new and unforeseen stuff

That would make for that which, by definition, are unidentified flying objects.

Strange how all these UFOs turn up in a military testing range. If I were a smarty alien I wouldn’t try landing in a place that by definition wants to know how to shoot you down.

Strange also, as Father Gordon MacRae has pointed out many times… Strange how we look for alien life when we kill so many of our own in the womb, just born, or elderly, or just to do it.

My response to to the music loving, drinking, drugging, violent hippies is… is…


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2 responses to “It’s an alien! And it’s not even Area 51!

  1. elizdelphi

    What would the hippies do if they found out that like the mantis and moreso, the men from mars were men of prayer who believed they need Jesus as Savior?

  2. sanfelipe007

    This is the second Mantis subject I have read about this week, with the first being an email from my brother who sent me a phone photo of a mantis in his garden. He remarked that he could not recall the last time he had seen such a creature “live.” We are entering another period of the mantis, I guess.

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