Ooops! My Bishop reads local newspaper


The bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte was out to the parish for Confirmations the other day. He picked up the local paper to have a look see. He’s much more perceptive than yours truly. He showed me the front page, bottom fold, chuckling at what will surely be the maelstrom of confusion that I’ll be confronting today and tomorrow:


Here’s the deal: Saint William Catholic Church is in the town of Murphy, while Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is in the town of Andrews. Hahaha.

I’ve heard it said that sucking the brains out of mudbugs is some good eat’n’, you know, with hot pepper powder shakers as big as a swamp rat, um, as big as a “nutria.” Truth be told, I just eat the tails…

I’ve never been to one of these local fests, so I don’t know if there will also be jambalaya, gumbo, boudin and other assorted Cajun delights, perhaps some alligator meat cooked below ground. This fest only started up in the last few years with a Cajun guy moving into the area and bringing some of the bayou culture to these back ridge mountains. I also don’t know if there will be any Cajun music…

The Cajuns I know introduced me to a perhaps saint-to-be, little Charlene Marie Richard. Back in the day, I hunted down the little graveyard where she’s buried (she died before I was born), and said a prayer for her and then asked her intercession. She has quite the story. I also learned about a now beatified Redemptorist priest, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. The persecuted Cajuns have much to offer.

For them to be called Cajuns, les Cadiens, les Acadiens, was considered an insult by the name callers, though there is nothing derogatory about it. Quite the contrary. But the tone of voice implied disdain. It’s that they were Catholic. That was the problem. That was always the cause for which they were thrown out of France and persecuted right down the American eastern seaboard until they arrived in the back bayous and no one cared much to run after them while also facing fierce swamp beasts.

We are, of course, happy for their arrival, not only in Louisiana, but here in Cherokee County. I think I’ll wander down to Saint William’s Catholic Church IN MURPHY today.

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