Assumption Chapel where I grew up


The rectory was visited by a locust the other day. I haven’t seen as healthy and big a grasshopper as this since I was a kid up in Minnesota. It’s twice as big as the biggest that I’ve otherwise seen around here.

Assumption Chapel instantly came to mind. Would we have the faith to do the same today in the plague of faithlessness we are witnessing in the midst of the Church?

The story behind Assumption Chapel – the Grasshopper Chapel – right next to where yours truly grew up, is amazing, well worth a look see at Wikipedia’s Assumption Chapel, well worth visiting if you’re just passing by the middle of nowhere Lake Wobegon.

The most practical thing in the world is do something like this. The most practical thing in the world is to get to know the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, Joseph. And don’t forget the angels.


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6 responses to “Assumption Chapel where I grew up

  1. Jacob Matuszczak

    Locusts and honey are good eatin’ Father!

  2. pelerin

    Fascinating story about the Grasshopper Chapel and I never knew America had locusts. The name of Lake Wobegon rang a bell and on looking it up remembered hearing a series of stories on the BBC many years ago about the folk of Lake Wobegon. Disappointed to learn that it does not actually exist!

  3. Anne Maliborski

    Super-great story about Maria Hilf, Father! Beautiful, really!

  4. James Anderson

    Very interesting article Father. Somewhere I read that the 13-year cycle of locusts is supposed to be this year. Need to pray to Mary!

  5. Monica Harris

    Is it possible that Confirmation Spider tagged along to the rectory and presented Locust as a gift to you, Father Byers? To repay your kindness.

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