Where’s the Tabernacle?

Jesus used to be hidden away. We’re happy that He’s back where all the architecture points to Him. More will be done, but this is a good start for the brand new pastor.


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2 responses to “Where’s the Tabernacle?

  1. Anne Maliborski


  2. pelerin

    When we moved to our new parish some 46 years ago the Tabernacle was in the usual central position. Later it was moved to a niche at the side and later still moved to what had been the Lady Chapel. With the advent of our new young Parish Priest 5 years ago he bravely restored the Tabernacle to its rightful place as well as celebrating all Masses ad orientem. Now that he has unfortunately moved on (we have consequently lost our weekly Mass in the Extraordinary Form) I do hope the Tabernacle will remain in its central position where it belongs.

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