Missionaries of Mercy in an age of confusion: “future developments”

That was the opening of the letter. It was sent on a very significant day on so many levels and in so many ways. After some paragraphs on some logistics, the letter continues:

“Future developments”… Pray tell… We will see.


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10 responses to “Missionaries of Mercy in an age of confusion: “future developments”

  1. Aussie Mum

    Father, regardless of whether your invitation from Pope Francis to be a Missionary of Mercy continues, you and all other good priests will always be Our Lord’s Missionaries of Mercy having left the world behind to mediate between God and man for the sake of our salvation. Thank you for all you do.
    I found it unsettling that Pope Francis set a small number of priests apart from their ordained brothers by calling them to be Missionaries of Mercy because it implied, or so it seemed to me, that bringing God’s mercy to people was something new – a new initiative of the pope being trialled by a small number of priests before being rolled out to the Church at large. Catechised and practising Catholics know better – they know well the merciful nature of the priesthood – but the uncatechised and non-practising don’t and they are the majority.
    It follows that if most people are led to believe that the priesthood up until the advent of Pope Francis was not merciful (uncaring and harsh), they will also accept his labelling of priests as rigid when living their priesthood in accordance with tradition (in continuity with the past), and subsequently agree with the German and Amazon Synods that change (discontinuity with the past) is needed for a caring, merciful Church to come into being.
    It’s no use worrying about this but we do need to be aware and prepared, each faithful member of the Church living his or her vocation better than ever before as we face a crisis greater than ever before.

  2. pelerin

    ‘An age of confusion indeed.’ I am beginning to wish it were Lent so I would have a reason to stop looking at the Catholic blogosphere. I have just read that Pope Francis has said that Christ was a man and not God. It is as if the bottom is dropping out of our Faith. What happened to ‘Deum de Deo …..Deum verum de Deo vero’?

  3. pelerin

    On further investigation I have found a headline which reads ‘Il Vaticano corregge Scalfari’ which I believe means ‘The Vatican corrects Scalfari’ and appears to reference this article although my Italian is not good enough to read the whole article.. Perhaps Gloria tv has jumped the gun?

  4. pelerin

    This is perhaps a lesson for me not to believe everything I read online although I did think I could believe information on gloria tv. You have my permission Father to scrap all my comments as it does look as if the journalist was mistaken.

  5. sanfelipe007

    Yes, I’d like to see that link as well.

  6. Joisy Goil

    Age of confusion indeed! Pelerin, I would have flipped out if I had seen that article. I have come to the conclusion that the Pope, like our political leaders, is misquoted and the truth is manipulated. It is part of the ‘evil one’s’ plan to get everybody so confused that we don’t know who to trust or believe.
    Just remember Jesus’ Divine Mercy message, when the going gets tough, say, ‘Jesus I trust in You!’

    • pelerin

      Having found out much to my relief it is not true my worry now is if the secular press get hold of it.

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