Harvesting organs from the living

I’ve heard it said that harvesting organs from the living is just fine. It is not. This is murder. Harvesting organs from dead is just fine, though the questions about when dead is actually dead are ignored quite universally by power monster doctors who only want a buck. It’s a very lucrative business.

When I was a student at the John Paul Institute for Marriage and the Family back in the 1980s when it was still in its pristine academic and Catholic foundational era, an international convention of doctors keyed into scientific analysis of the moment of death was brought together. The doctors spoke each of their expertise regarding various criteria for ascertaining death, regarding heartbeat, respiration, auditory or visual viability, brain waves, etc., under “normal” conditions and abnormal (that is, real-life) conditions. The universal consensus was that it’s really quite impossible to ascertain death in such manner that simply disconnecting someone from whatever will provide instantaneous death in such manner that it is permissible to immediately harvest organs from the “dead” patient. Period. Have we advanced in science since then. I’m guessing not very much for the reason that brow beating rhetoric about making tough decisions from doctors who don’t give a damn about life has increased in a hyperbolic manner. They are gods, and God isn’t God.

I don’t have organ donation indicated on my driver license.10


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6 responses to “Harvesting organs from the living

  1. Frank J Hartge

    Al Kresta interviewed Dr. Paul Byrne on this very issue yesterday, and the doctor was squarely in your court on this. I was disturbed to hear him say that Father Tad Pacholczyk and the National Catholic Bioethics Center are providing misleading information on this issue, and not drawing the same line in the sand that you are.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I don’t want my life prematurely ended and therefore don’t have organ donation indicated on my drivers license either.
    The “brave new world” of atheism / apostasy is spine-chillingly weird. It becomes emotional over a beached whale and cannot bear the thought of capital punishment for people found guilty of horrible crimes, yet considers abortion of innocent infants and euthanasia of those in need of care (the chronically ill, disabled etc) good things to be made ever more available.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Same here, Father; no organ donor I. Too much incentive for some. Of course at my age, who would want them?

  4. Catherine

    I have never trusted doctors to do the ethical thing concerning declaring someone brain dead and thereby justifying harvesting organs while the person is still alive. This has always been very troubling to me. Myself and my family have signed forms to not participate in organ donoring.

  5. Chad Prather

    I refuse to put organ donor on mine also for the same reason, glad I’m not crazy lol

  6. Joisy Goil

    I recently read an article about this very subject by the HEALTHCARE ADVOCACY & LEADERSHIP ORG., PO box 324, Chisago City, MN 55013.
    You can contact them at http://www.halorganization.com and receive a card that says
    Inside it states:
    I,.(name) refuse to be an organ donor.
    DO NOT perform an apnea test.
    DO NOT notify an organ procurement organization if I appear to be at or near death.
    DO NOT take any organs for transplantation or research.
    There is a space for your signature and plus the signature of two witnesses and the date.
    I carry this card with my other health care info in my wallet.

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