Killing the FBI in my parish

forensic camera

Holy Mass was offered in my parish for the repose of the soul of a Huntsville, Alabama FBI forensic photographer who suffered what is termed a suspicious death the other week in my parish, that is, in one of the most remote patches of national forest in North America, up at historic Stewart Cabin campground. Google-Map “Stewart Cabin” to see just how remote it is from… anything…

In my varied life I’ve learned that that which answers a question the most consistently – internally and externally – and also the most simply, leaving little room for complexities to be subject to confirmation bias or whatever manipulation, is usually the hypothesis that’s getting closer to the truth than anything else. Everything about this seems rotten to the core.

The FBI has already swarmed away (along with four other law enforcement agencies), for what it’s worth depending on who’s directing things. But when something like this happens in my parish, I take it personally. Was she doing something she shouldn’t have been doing, you know, from whatever perspective on whatever side of the fence? Was she doing something way too well, getting too close to the truth? Was she just taking pictures of nature? Really? Appearances mean nothing one way or the other when it comes to this level of law enforcement. So, again, if it happens in my parish, I’m personally offended. It is what it is.


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4 responses to “Killing the FBI in my parish

  1. Aussie Mum

    I’m sorry to hear of the agent’s death and will pray for the repose of her soul in my night prayers.
    I came across an article online tonight about a book, apparently just published or about to be, by a self confessed hit man who claims he was involved in a murder at the Vatican in the 1970s to cover up massive stock fraud.
    Reading about both these murders, one of a high profile person and the other of someone moving in dangerous circles, makes me glad I am a nobody living an uninteresting life.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I’m praying for her, too. Jesus is also the Lord of justice.
    First batch of prayers said – oh, and Father, thank you for reminding us to be with Jesus, even on the internet.
    “It was the braying of a donkey that first drew their attention, then they beheld Jesus.”

  3. James Anderson

    I live in Huntsville AL and we have a young lady in our choir who works for the FBI. But she was at Mass this morning so it is not the same person. If you have a name, I can ask Ashley if she knew her. Your lady is in my prayers also in my prayers.

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