The Joker on Pachamamas being taught to swim the Tiber

Dear Pope Francis, I’m sorry, but a Police Officer just sent this to me. It kind of sums it up, wouldn’t you agree?


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8 responses to “The Joker on Pachamamas being taught to swim the Tiber

  1. sanfelipe007


  2. Catherine

    This whole situation is so bizarre and chaotic. It does not have a feel of holiness. Because the Pope is involved, people are confused and question their natural feeling of knowing that what is being allowed is wrong and offensive to God. We are told to not criticize the Pope. What to do? All I can do is pray for the Pope and leave it to God to sort out. However the people there don’t have the luxury of ignoring what is going on. They must feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to “clean house.” I feel a deep sadness when I see Pope Francis continue with this idol worship business which is breaking God’s Comandments and offending so many Catholics throughout the world. How much more will God tolerate of this grieveous sinfulness? I fear the loss of so many souls. May God have mercy on us all.

  3. pelerin

    I have read (sorry I forget where) that the idols have been fished out of the Tiber. I wonder if this is true and if so what will happen to them now?

  4. James Anderson

    The temple of God will need cleansing!

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