REPAM: Don’t evangelize Jesus! Amazon Synod


REPAM is part of Caritas Internazionalis and the Brazilian Bishops Conference and is inspired by Pope Francis. Take a look at the third point from the end of it’s manifesto:

  • Protection for the 137 ‘contactless tribes’ of the Amazon and affirmation of their right to live undisturbed.

This is set in contrast to those REPAM considers subject to some sort of “Dialogue” just previous to this point in the list of the above manifesto. In other words, truly, for the 137 ‘contactless tribes’, there is to be absolutely zero contact, none at all, including no evangelization of Jesus.

That’s demonic. No wonder they want the goddess of Machu Picchu, that is, Pachamama, for protection against, who knows? Saint Michael? No contest there.


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5 responses to “REPAM: Don’t evangelize Jesus! Amazon Synod

  1. Claire Dion

    Thank you for sharing you thoughts about the Synod. I am so grateful for any priest who is showing us the way. This is a awful (demonic) time for all of us who love Jesus Christ.

  2. Monica Harris

    Good catch, Father Byers.

  3. Aussie Mum

    The document above states that “REPAM stands for the “Red Eclesial Pan-Amazonica”. What does “red” mean in this context? “Communist” perhaps?
    REPAM has a relationship with communist and other atheistic bodies despite its Catholic label.
    • Half a dozen communist and other leftist politicians were in invited to the synod by REPAM and presented a document to at least some synod fathers.
    • Christiane Murray, deputy director of the Holy See press office and moderator of the synod’s daily press briefings is a co-founder of REPAM according to the vice-president of that organisation, Cardinal Barreto. She displays a communist poster above her desk at Vatican Radio.
    • The left leaning Ford Foundation, which has the president of Planned Parenthood on its board, has financed CIMI and other REPAM affiliates to the tune of more than $2,000,000
    Points 3 and 4 from the bottom of the “Work of REPAM” document only stand in contradiction if one accepts the Vatican’s portrayal of the Amazon’s indigenous population as living like their ancestors. It’s a false image.
    “Today virtually no forest Amerindians live in their fully traditional ways”. These non-isolated peoples are the ones REPAM refers to as “indigenous peoples communities” and wants to dialogue with in order to train community leaders (see point 2 from the top of REPAM’s document), but leaders for what? For the Church or the New Left?
    The indigenous Amazonians REPAM wants to protect are those “several dozen groups living in voluntary isolation” and popularly know as “uncontacted tribes” (see link above) which REPAM refers to as “contactless tribes”. As long as these groups remain isolated they are ideologically useful and REPAM is not interested in reaching them with the Gospel. Consequently, the REPAM-led synod is not really about what it is supposed to be about.

    • Aussie Mum

      Interesting photo, Habalady. No Jesus but a rather fierce looking Indian on that part just above Pope Francis’ hand.

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