Dear Pope Francis…


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  1. pelerin

    Thank you Father for showing this to us. So many of us share his pain especially those of us who as he put it ‘have put all on the line.’

    • nancyv

      Ditto what pelerin wrote. I doubt Dr. Marshall will get a reply to his “dubia” and I can just imagine us being assured that this is just for the region of culture, not ALL Catholics. humph. And if that happens, you know what that means. And like Abraham…..Mary… their questions and obedience, I hope we continue to believe in one God, (etc. the Creed)
      Praying for you Father and all priests who have to wade through these waters. .

  2. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for posting this video. Hearing it again has not dulled the stark message or questions. When Pope Benedict XVI resigned and on that same day, the Vatican was hit by lightening. It was like a premonition. It brings to mind the Bible passage: Luke 10:18 (Douay-Rheims Bible) ‘And he (Jesus) said to them: I saw Satan like lightening falling from heaven.’ Worshipping idols is not the only questionable thing that Pope Francis has done or said or not answered to. All that has happened to the Church since Pope Francis has been elected is starkly conveyed in the questions asked of him by Dr. Marshall. I love Jesus so I won’t be leaving the Church. What do we do now?

  3. pelerin

    There is an article on line written by Mgr Charles Pope for the National Catholic Register in which he wonders if the Church is indeed ‘on the brink of schism.’

    • Aussie Mum

      It does, indeed, seem that the Church is “on the brink of schism” Pelerin, but a schism unlike any in the past. I think its leaders, barring a miracle, will retain their places in the hierarchy for some time to come.

  4. Aussie Mum

    The Italian Bishops Conference has a prayer to the false god, mother earth, in one of its publications.

  5. Joisy Goil

    Wow! All I can say is I am going to go to Confession more often and do everything I can to stay in the state of grace. Jesus, I trust in You!

  6. Aussie Mum

    In his article “The Synod on the Amazon, the spirit of Pachamama and the spirit of Elijah” (October 30th, 2019) Professor Roberto Mattei sums up the situation the Church now finds herself in.

  7. sanfelipe007

    “No storm can shake my inmost calm, while to that rock I’m clinging. While Christ is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?”

  8. Aussie Mum

    We seem to be living through a real life horror movie. Was the warned of “abomination of desolation” referring to our times and this synod?
    The 3rd secret of Fatima comes to mind and the Angel pointing toward the world and commanding – crying out in a loud voice – Penance! Penance! Penance!

  9. Aussie Mum

    The first working day of the Amazon Synod in Rome, Monday October 7th, called and presided over by Pope Francis, was also the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary. On that day, unbeknown to Catholics at the time, Pope Francis decreed a new Marian feast day (Our Lady of Loreto) to be celebrated as an optional memorial on December 10th; that is, between the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th, patronal feast day of the US) and the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadeloupe (Dec 12, patronal feast day of Latin America). Then, four days after the Synod’s close, on Halloween, Pope Francis’ decree of the new Marian feast was published. Catholics still reeling from the apostasy made visible at the Amazon Synod and the Mass offered by Pope Francis at its end, during which a pagan offering to mother-earth was brought to the altar, were then thrown into confusion – the pope is Catholic again … forget about reparation, it was all a silly misunderstanding on the faithful’s part – but it wasn’t and reparation is still needed. The fact that Marian feast days bookend that shocking synod does not make it okay; what it does do is create cognitive dissonance. This has been happening for 6 years now. Pope Francis says or does something that brings the though of heresy to mind, which is then mentally negated when he follows up with some actual Catholic teaching. The same process is happening again, this time with apostasy bookended with Marian feasts.

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