Shooting Burning Pachamama

Today was the infamous “Day Off.” I was at the hermitage. I looked over the LifeSiteNews translation and review of the Amazon Synod notes. I prayed a bit. Then, as one might do on a day off, I indulged in some recreation.

What with all the explosions and drownings and burnings and such, I thought I might add my own version to the meme.

Above is my two to the body, 1 to the head drill. I think this one was out 21 feet. I made this to fit on legal size paper. Not too bad, though I was pretty slow as the practice is getting a little more sparse with the cheap ammo at Walmart taking a hike. That doesn’t help anyone, actually.

Anyway, burning the demon Pachamama was next on the list to do:

The traffic you hear is in town, in Brevard, passing by a friend’s house where the burning took place.

This is in no way done so as to insult anyone in the Amazon. It is to make a commentary on idol worship.


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5 responses to “Shooting Burning Pachamama

  1. Chad Prather

    Pretty good shooting Father George. Excellent target.

  2. Aussie Mum

    A unique (the target practice part) and effective commentary on idol worship.

  3. pelerin

    I have just learned that a photo of Pachamama has been deemed ‘inappropriate’ by Facebook and yet it was welcomed into the church by Pope Francis.

  4. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for the video. As I watched this destruction of evil I prayed three Hail Mary’s in reparation for my sins and the sins of all mankind. I am glad you did this because I believe it is a form of reparation. God bless you Father!

  5. Monica Harris

    I prefer the explosion for sheer righteous anger—but bullets target well the ‘brain’ and guts of the evil beast.
    Ultimately, the slow fire conveys sadness-for all the souls misguided and abandoned by this nonsense. The sadness of Jesus for HIs souls—and a worthy motivation to fight back for them.

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