“Shadow” banana tripping for Diplomatic Security Fall Guys


Ever since Diplomatic Security established my “Shadow” with what DoS described to me already back in 1992 as being “secured identity” – my secured identity, by the way, so that I would be available to be the unwitting ‘fall guy’ for my “Shadow” – he’s been entrenched under my identity ever since and using it until this day. In other words, I’m his Shadow. And so it continues:

  • He’s forever wanting me to buy his properties so he can use them but in my name. Lots of pressure.
  • He’s forever wanting me to buy new properties for him that he can use, but in my name. Lots of pressure.
  • He’s forever wanting me to buy vehicles for him that he can use, but in my name. Lots of pressure.
  • He’s forever wanting to send random money to me which looks like extortion or bribery or money laundering depending on the point of view, which I refuse. Then he steamrolls over me: like clockwork I get a mysterious check from Canada a few days later for the exact amount. Time and again. And again. I’ve never cashed such things. The money just gets collected by whatever government after some years.

Rule number one for scammers at whatever level: If the subject doesn’t bow to pressure, then increase the pressure. But I don’t bow to pressure.

The other day I got an invite to a banana republic resort with “The Group” (the first I knew of it) for a “vacation.” “The Group” seems to be made up of “researchers,” you know, in diplomatically delicate locations around the world. “Researchers.” Riiiight.



Plenty of fake stuff in all that. Interesting, though, that it included the real name of my “Shadow” but his real name was attached to my email address, because he’s me and I’m him, right? It also included the name of the ex-flame of my “Shadow”, herself a Fed whose retirement package may put her well over $100,000 per year. She had quite an extended message as well, explaining that while I would go to that remote vacation spot, she would go where my “Shadow” is.

She suggested that it was perhaps a good idea NOT to fly into the normal airport, but to instead fly into another, out of the way, smaller airport, cut off from everything else, surely a nice base for “research” of whatever kind. That really sounds smart, doesn’t it?

I won’t go at all, but it’s not the point to have me go. It’s to get the names together in discoverable format, you know, “proving” that I’m part of “The Group.”

It’s so easy to bait me into writing posts like this. Being an open book is better. I had one other guy do this kind of baiting-into-a-group thing to me recently, introducing me to his own “The Group,” making it seem like I, of course, know them well. He said they were all retired CIA types with some associated assets. Oooh! “CIA!” “Assets!” Riiiiight. It’s all baiting into bits and pieces of “history.”

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