Pachamama male-consort-idol

The day before the Amazon “Synod” officially started, there was a pagan worship of idols ceremony in Vatican Gardens. It was bad enough, thought I, that demonness Pachamama idols were displayed for worship, an idol to which children up to puberty are sacrificed in the Amazon. But then I saw one report on some sort of Pachamama consort, another idol that was also displayed directly next to the Pachamamas. I had no idea what he was talking about since everything I had seen about the incident only showed the Pachamamas, but no consort. Maybe I didn’t want to see it. Just too disgusting. Apparently the picture of the consort was rare because it was so very incredibly disgusting. Was it that the POV of the photographers and videographers of the event was such that  the Pachamama Idol Consort was just out of view, perhaps blocked by someone’s shoulder or head in front of the cameras? But that was on purpose. Any picture of the carved idol Consort would be just too damning.

In these months and weeks I’ve been too busy to research much of anything of the idiocies over in Rome, what with Mass and Confessions and Adoration and Hospitals and Nursing Homes and going on Communion Calls, cumulatively putting on thousands of miles in this vast territory of my parish in these months. I’m supposed to be a Missionary of Mercy in these back ridges of Appalachia, right? The days are very long and I have little time for demon worshippers in Rome.

But then, in looking up I think it was boat picture for a post on Pachamama, I saw it, the Pachamama Consort. The picture I saw wasn’t from a private individual, but from Catholic News Service.

It’s said that Pope Francis was caught off guard, that he was confused, an elderly imbecile who didn’t know what to make of all this, even that he was trying to be benevolent by remaining there for the entire and very lengthy ceremony in the Vatican Gardens. No. I don’t buy that. You can’t stare at the male-consort-idol next to Pachamama demonness idols to whom children are sacrificed for so long and not stop the idol worship ceremony, and not walk away from it… immediately…

  • And you don’t then bless the Pachamama idol. And you don’t then allow Pachamamas into a Church near the Vatican.
  • And you don’t then threaten severe prosecution of those upstanding individuals who threw the idols into the river.
  • And you don’t then have Pachamama brought in procession. And you don’t then have a worship ceremony of Pachamama in Saint Peter’s Basilica.
  • And you don’t then have Pachamama set upon the altar in Saint Peter’s for the closing Mass: the plant that is a zillion times more representative of Pachamama than any idol, the bowl having an Inca pictogram of Pachamama etched on the side.

Don’t leave the Church, just don’t follow Pope Francis in his promotion of idols.

UPDATE: By the way, this is a typical Marxist way of behaving. When I was in a parish of an openly and viciously Marxist priest in Eastern Nicaragua, taking note of things, I saw some artwork in his rectory, a painting of Jesus crucified. Jesus, our dear Savior, was also depicted with a ridiculously oversized, well, you know. Typical Marxism.

God will not be mocked.

Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead and world… by fire… Amen.


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11 responses to “Pachamama male-consort-idol

  1. sanfelipe007

    When Political Correctness morphs into Religious Correctness.

  2. How would one interpret the Vatican Pachmamama incident with the news from Bolivia?

    • Father George David Byers

      Well, the Tiber drowning was inspirational!

      • Were those drowned statuettes the indigenous deity Pachmamama , or the trademark of an indigenous political movement growing in South America much like the clenched fist of the black power movement? I was confused by the hammer sickle crucifix Evo Morales gave to Pope Francis, just as I am confused by the Vatican Pachmamama circus. Did Morales, in giving the hammer sickle crucifix to the pope, simply return to the Pope what Europe brought to Bolivia? Morales was not Catholic. Communism is a European thought and baggage, I don’t know if his brand of socialism followed that model.. The Vatican Pachmamama circus seemed like the Europeans discovery of the Americas played in reverse. It seemed to be the acting out of the Amazonians discovery of the Old World. A political statement in a religious theater. I am beginning to think both are related. In that context I am viewing those statuettes as mascot of a political movement more than a religious deity. Pope Francis, being from South America, probably had much more insight than people gave him credit for. Unfortunately the pope sat through the events with a poker face, not giving the bewildered in the audience a hint of his interpretation of the events.

      • Father George David Byers

        Or, it could be worse. We must run from any temptation to a “will to power.”

  3. pelerin

    Even if Pope Francis were confused and was unaware of the details, surely he has advisors who are perhaps younger and more au fait with what is going on? Or are all his advisors blind to what is going on?
    Where are Bishops Schneider, Burke and Sarah when we need them?

    • Father George David Byers

      He saw it. His advisors should have tried to get him to leave. And then they should have left. Immediately.

  4. elizdelphi

    I read about this at Fr Z’s and have not understood why this information has been absent from so much of the news coverage about this. It seems to have been covered up and no one in the media seems to have tried to ask for an explanation of this other figurine. If pachamama represents “God’s good gifts in Creation” then what on earth does her male “friend” represent? The answer is that he is another Incan god, and Google easily verifies that he and pachamama routinely appear as a set. The pachamama spin has proposed a non idolatrous explanation but not explained the things that do not fit with that explanation such as the use of this incan pagan idol pair together, bowing down to them, and the Italian bishops publishing a “prayer to pachamama” and why exactly do you give offerings of food and red flowers (red is said to be “pachamama’s favorite” according to an internet source) to God’s creation. I completely agree that the basic explanation has to do with communism.

    At my first childhood parish, called “Holy Family” ironically, they had a bronze crucifix with nude corpus in a hallway that i, at first communion age, was very disturbed to walk past I don’t know that I had ever seen an image of a naked man before. I dimly recall standing behind some adults to whom an explanation was given about how special this was, how monetarily valuable and I think they explained who had donated it. I avoided it all I could. A few years ago I wanted to contact that parish for a copy of my baptismal certificate and to my astonishment there was a small photo on their website of that very crucifix, beautifully and classically sculpted–and notably well endowed, as though daring the viewer to comment. I have kept pondering whether to try to contact them again and opine that this seems to be a gay male interpretation of Jesus as crucified adonis and asking that it be destroyed!!!!!!!!

  5. Joisy Goil

    I saw that picture of Pachamama’s male partner. I did not remember where, but it was on a Catholic site and it shocked me so much I didn’t finish reading the accompanying article. As I read your comments I was even more shocked. Did someone abduct the Pope and leave a look-alike in his place?

    That this thing would be allowed in St Peter’s Basilica (any church would be a scandal much less St Peter’s) really astonished me. What is wrong with the Pope and the Cardinals and bishops?

    I received a message about the recent bishops meeting in Baltimore. A 1200 word essay about their findings and decisions and ‘guidance’ offered to us sheep.
    Not one word about Jesus. Just how we should outlaw guns and welcome immigrants, etc., etc. I am becoming very annoyed – they don’t forget to ask for $$$, but Jesus? (fa’get ’bout it)

    I never thought I would live to see this kind of stuff. We better start wearing out our rosaries. Things look bad. Our Lady is our only hope.

  6. Aussie Mum

    Father, it seems that the pandemic the world is presently experiencing had its beginning at the time of the Amazon Synod.
    ‘ “Phylogenetic estimates support that the COVID-2 pandemic started sometime around October 6, 2019 to December 11, 2019, which corresponds to the time of the host jump into humans,” lead researcher Francois Balloux said.’
    Reading this in the newspaper today brought to mind idolatry at the Amazon Synod (October 6th – 27th, 2019): Pope Francis overseeing the pagan worship of idols in the Vatican Gardens, as you have written about above, a day or two before the official opening on the 6th; the Pachamama idol placed in front of the main altar at St. Peter’s (not sure if her consort was with her or not) before being carried in procession to the Synod Hall on October 7th; and on October 27th at the synod’s closing Mass, Pope Francis having a bowl used in the worship of Pachamama placed on the altar.
    At the time the idolatry was happening a number of Catholics commented on the great offence it was to God; and on November 12th priests and lay scholars throughout the world called upon the Pope to “repent publicly and unambiguously of these objectively grave sins” and it asked bishops’ around the world to “offer fraternal correction to Pope Francis for these scandals.”
    Most bishops were silent and Pope Francis did not repent publicly, and so I am wondering if the pandemic which had its beginning around the time of the Amazon Synod is punishment for the idolatry that accompanied it.
    If the report is correct, a message from Heaven was given to Sister Agnes Sasagawa on the day the synod opened: “Cover in ashes and pray the Penitential Rosary every day” (approximate translation from Japanese). This came out of the blue October 6th 2019, 40 years after Our Lady and an angel had appeared to Sister at Akita (1973 – 1979, Church approved).
    The concurrence of these events – idolatry, an angel calling for penance, a pandemic – is striking.

  7. sanfelipe007

    Anytime the question “Should I pray the Rosary” occurs to you, the answer should always be “yes.”

    I remember a signal grace granted to me on the occasion of driving with my family and my mother while on vacation. All traffic came to a stop on a major highway for unknown reasons.

    When members of our party started to display signs of “road-rage,” I announced “This is a good time for a Rosary.” We began, and before we finished*, traffic was, once again, moving. This is the peace only our Lord can give.

    * Longtime readers of my comments may remember that I love recite the Rosary very s – l – o – w – l – y.

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