Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (’cause leaves are the new flowers, ed.)


When I was a kid, if there weren’t many flowers to pick for my mom, I would get whole branches of leaves to put in a big pot. I would do the same for Jesus’ good mom. So I will. There’s the above, and the below:


The great dragon, the ancient serpent, the devil and Satan, call it Pachamama and Consort, are not representative of the Immaculate Conception. No.

Pachamama and Consort be damned.

These leaves, the new flowers, are only for the Immaculate Conception, who, with her Divine Son Jesus, also conquered, crushing the heads of all idols just by holding her Son:



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4 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (’cause leaves are the new flowers, ed.)

  1. nancyv

    ‘Thou in me
    and I in Thee
    in time and in eternity,
    in Mary’
    (from a spiritual communion prayer)
    Whatever we offer to Mary it is a gift of God from God. You remind us of this in your very unique way. Thank you Father.

  2. Mark Malone


  3. Aussie Mum

    The picture above from the Passion of the Christ is so very moving because of the truth it portrays but some don’t want to see. I say this having just come across the teachings of Father Richard Rohr OFM. What he teaches is shocking but I am glad I came across his strange ideas because they give some insight regarding Pope Francis’ warm attitude toward the Pachamama and his relative neglect of Our Lord and disdain for faithful Catholics. If I am not mistaken, Pope Francis and REPAM use, or like Rohr embrace, eco-theology: a theology based on a “Cosmic Christ”.
    Rohr imagines that there have been two Incarnations, the first (Creation) greater than the second (the Word made flesh), and states that the scientific name for the first Incarnation is the Big Bang and its theological name is “Christ”. Hence, in his view, “[o]rdinary matter is the hiding place for Spirit and thus the very Body of God.” Jesus is thus demoted to “just one human manifestation” of the Universal / Cosmic Christ and even described as one of many gods when Rohr laments that most Christians have “settled for a small tribal god” in place of the Cosmic Christ.
    Rohr also imagines two Bibles and says “[n]ature itself is the primary Bible. The world is the locus of the sacred and provides all the metaphors that the soul needs for its growth.” Moreover, “[w]hen I know that the world around me is both the hiding place and the revelation of God, I can no longer make a significant distinction between the natural and the supernatural, between the holy and the profane.” The Amazon Synod also exhibited this difficulty.
    In his article “The Pachamama Rohrs” Dr Douglas Farrow points out that “dividing Jesus from the Christ is the oldest gnostic trick in the book”, and from Hegel: “Jesus died, Christ arose.” This sounds very much like what Scalfari reported Pope Francis as believing: “[o]nce incarnate, Jesus ceases to be a god and becomes a man, until his death on the cross.” Farrow also points out that “[l]ike the gnosticism of old, this syncretistic pseudo-scientific neo-paganism can be dressed up in Christian language, given Catholic sacramental trappings, and successfully marketed to those who want to be religious without genuine conversion to God through Jesus the Christ”.

    • Father George David Byers

      But I’m not convinced any of them believes what they say since they are afraid to cite Jesus in context: “Do not sin again”, for instance.

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