Thanksgiving. How very Catholic!


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8 responses to “Thanksgiving. How very Catholic!

  1. pelerin

    It is thanks to Fr Gordon’s blog that I first learnt about Squanto. The little we did at school on American history he was not even mentioned although most English schoolchildren know about the Pilgrim Fathers setting off from Plymouth.

    A Happy Celebration to you Fr George.

  2. James Anderson

    Happy Thanksgiving Father. I was aware of Squanto but the rest was new to me.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Happy Thanksgiving Father

  4. Oh mugglwarts, American thanksgiving has nothing to do with Christianity or Catholicism. It has to do with the worship of the deity Meleagris, goddess of gluttony. It is the the pagan eve of the octave of gluttony which officially starts the Friday after “Thanksgiving.” Note that the president of the USA did not thank the indigenous people of North America for anything, he “flipped the bird” to them. POTUS ceremonial leader of the pagan food orgy, pardoned “The Bird”. Might Catholics be better off adding a little more festivity to Saint Martin’s Day, and a little less you the pagan celebration ?

  5. pelerin

    northern hermit – sadly Christmas has also become the worship of mileagris and also booze, chocolate, mince pies etc. Our non-Christmas decorations in town now include a shamrock! If you were to stop people in the street and ask them what we will shortly be celebrating I doubt if many would know the real reason. And I don’t know what a mugglewart is either!

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