Pearl Harbor: Lest we forget…


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2 responses to “Pearl Harbor: Lest we forget…

  1. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for bringing this Remembrance. This took place before I was born but its memory is etched into my mind and heart. Lest we forget! May all the departed Rest In Peace.

  2. pelerin

    I have just been watching a programme on British television about the truth behind Pearl Harbour which is quite an eye opener. Documents have been examined which show that coded messages from Japan to their Embassy were being intercepted and translated but they were not being passed on to Admiral Kimmel.
    Eventually radio contact was attempted to Admiral Kimmel but for some reason contact proved impossible and a telegram was sent by a courier on a bicycle which arrived 8 hours after the attack.
    Interestingly there has been a conspiracy theory that Churchill knew about it beforehand too but did nothing so that America would be brought into the war. This has now been proved a forgery.

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