Keto Day 19: Humor for Jabba the Hut

jabba the hut

Being a priest, I was preaching away the other day, perhaps the longest I’ve ever preached in the parish (still under half an hour). At the end of Mass, amidst a few announcements, I apologized for preaching so long, blaming the Keto diet for giving me more energy. The nano-second I said that, someone yelled out from the back:

“Eat more food then!”

Ha ha ha. I opened myself up for that one. But I’ll just be more careful about the length of preaching.

Meanwhile, amidst all the fluster of those not wanting me to be on a diet that works and which I really enjoy (and people really entrench about it, with emotion – which leaves me flabbergasted)… meanwhile, ignoring all that, I’m still making progress. Soon I’ll no longer be Jabba the Hut. And I think that that’s a good thing.


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6 responses to “Keto Day 19: Humor for Jabba the Hut

  1. pelerin

    Very amused by that comment. (Is it normal in the US for parishioners to make comments like that when a priest is preaching?) And seeing your photo of Jabba the Hut reminds me of when my lads were children as a plastic model of Jabba took pride of place in their bedroom. It always reminded me of a giant slug and I never could see the fascination it held for the boys. Good luck with the diet Father – I don’t think we’ve heard of that one in Britain.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Good grief, Father, preach away. We need good sermonizing so desperately! Talk about forbidden subjects like eternal life, chastity, love, marriage, sin, faithfulness, the True Presence, Heaven, The Most Holy Virgin Mother of God, hell and how to avoid it, and more. We have enough “ear tickling.” If your congregation doesn’t want to hear it, shame on them. God bless you, Father, and all that you do while shepherding the sheep and caring for the lambs.

  3. Aussie Mum

    When I was young everyone knew (or at least I thought they did because dieters in the 60s were counting calories) that too much sugar and starchy carbohydrates put on weight. Yet in recent years starchy carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal etc) have been pushed as the most important foods to eat in abundance each day for good health. This made no sense especially when eating this way was supposed to be a solution for obesity. The Keto-Diet, on the other hand, does make sense.

    • The crazy high carbohydrate diet was part of the running fad. Carbohydrate loading was a way for marathon runners to get the energy needed to complain their event. The problem was that it was embraced by middle aged joggers and couch potatoes. That crazy diet was followed by the Atkins diet which peddled high protein. I can’t say much about the Keto diet because I don’t fully understand it, other than it’s high fat. It completes the diet circle. Good if it works, but the trick is to transition from a weight loss diet to a weight maintenance diet. The best diet? Prayer, fasting and abstinence. That never fails.

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