Pope Francis 50 years a priest Dec 13 ’19

pope francis young

50 years a priest. We pray for you, Pope Francis. We pray for you. Hail Mary…


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4 responses to “Pope Francis 50 years a priest Dec 13 ’19

  1. Aussie Mum

    I have just now read the news that on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Pope Francis voiced his objection to thinking of the Mother of God as “Co-Redemptrix”, saying “let’s not get lost in foolishness”.
    According to the Crux article Pope Francis insisted that she is “Mary woman, Mary mother, without any other essential title”. What then, about the title Immaculate Conception?! That’s dogma!
    As far as I am concerned Pope Francis has marred his own anniversary of priesthood with these statements.

    The Crux article also states that Pope Benedict XVI was against describing Our Lady as “Co-Redemptrix” but it seems to me that unlike Pope Francis he thought the title legitimate and was only concerned that it could be misunderstood.
    Pope John Paul II described Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix a number of times.

  2. Joisy Goil

    I used to think that Pope Francis was the victim of false news and needed our prayers. Now I think he needs our prayers because he is our enemy. Jesus said not to fear those who could only kill our bodies but to fear those who could kill our soul. Now if someone is trying to kill our body or (much more importantly) our soul, I think that person is our enemy.
    So we must pray for him. We need to do it because Jesus told us to do it. Think of it as – OIL – “Obedience In Love.”

  3. pelerin

    I do love that picture of the newly ordained priest with all the happiness of his chosen vocation shining out. However it surprises me that he should have posed under a picture which looks as if it may be a Picasso. I would have expected to see a ‘Holy Picture’ but perhaps he was snapped unexpectedly in someone else’s study?

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