Praying for & then to Paul VI, Sheen, JPII

Pope Paul VI died August 6, 1978. I remember listening to a talk by the Venerable Fulton Sheen put out shortly after that on cassette tape by Keep the Faith, Inc. Archbishop Sheen said that when he heard the news of the death of Paul VI, he first said a Hail Mary for the repose of his soul, and then prayed a Hail Mary in his honor asking also for his intercession. That was blazoned in my heart and soul. I then immediately did the same regarding Paul VI. The Archbishop died not long after, on December 9, 1979. I did the same as he had done: I prayed a Hail Mary for the repose of Fulton Sheen’s soul, and then another in his honor asking also for his intercession.

saint pope paul vi Karol Wojtyła

I don’t know how many times – I think eight direct encounters – that I met up with Saint John Paul II. I always felt close to him. When he died – I was there at Saint Peter’s (a story all on its own) – I did the same thing: I prayed a Hail Mary for him, and then offered a Hail Mary in his honor also asking his intercession.

I do feel vindicated against all the haters at the time:

  • Paul VI was canonized.
  • John Paul II was canonized.
  • Fulton Sheen is now venerable, and on his way to being canonized.

When I heard of the recent nay-saying by certain elements of the US Bishops Conference against the Venerable Fulton Sheen being beatified, my very first thought was this:

  • Way to go, Fulton! You have the honor also in your death of taking on the abusive, homosexualist lobby. You did all things well. You will be vindicated. You rendered honor to our Lord during your life, and now you continue to do so in your death.

Disclaimer: Paul VI and his teaching in Humanae vitae was extremely formative in my life. I absolutely loved Fulton Sheen’s homilies and retreats and conferences and books; he was extremely formative in my life. John Paul II captured my heart and soul so much that I signed up to and took classes at the JPII Institute for Marriage and the Family.


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5 responses to “Praying for & then to Paul VI, Sheen, JPII

  1. Catherine

    When I heard of the postponement of the beatification of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, the scripture from Jude 9 came to mind: “Yet Michael the Archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but, The Lord rebuke thee.” I immediately began praying the Prayer For Canonization of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It is unbelievable the spiritual battle over Archbishop Sheen’s body and soul. A saint for sure! Pray for us, Servant of God, Fulton J. Sheen. Amen.

  2. Wow, they’re nay-saying Fulton Sheen now? With his amazing recordings? When will this madness end?

  3. Aussie Mum

    Goodness, it seems, is attacked from all sides. “Progressive Catholics” like Archbishop Paglia endeavour to tear down the good works of Paul VI and JPII while “Uber Traditionalist Catholics” attack the good name of these popes.

    Pope Paul VI seemed distant but I admired his wisdom shining forth in Humanae Vitae and his courage in setting before the world what he must have known would be very unpopular in some quarters. Pope John Paul II, on the other hand, felt close. I never met him but his goodness and fatherliness was evident in everything he wrote and said and did.

    That is such a lovely photo of you Father with JPII.

    The malice certain members of the hierarchy have for Archbishop Fulton Sheen is palpable at present, they having gone all out to stop him from being venerated as a saint and thus preventing his life and writings becoming better known. They evidently fear him. They may well fear you, too, Father. Take care, keep well and keep teaching us.

  4. Joisy Goil

    I agree with Aussie Mom – you said it!
    When I was a child in St. Patrick’s school, we were assigned to watch Bishop Sheen on TV and write a report about what he said.
    TV was black and white only and still a very big deal back then – most people only had one for the household – (some people didn’t even own one). So this was a quite an assignment! Most of the parents thought sister had some nerve, because they’d have to miss Milton Berle’s comedy show, which was on the same time. Milton Berle was the #1 entertainer back then. But my mom and dad soon became Bishop Sheen fans and wouldn’t miss a single show. I liked him too. I remember his Angel used to erase this chalkboard.
    I think the naysayers do fear him (and hate God).

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