Pope Francis and my “rabbit” mom

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On December 12, 2019, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis denounced a title of our Lady, with an edge. I started to write about all that to defend that title used many times by Saint Pope John Paul II and which has a history in the Church. But the only thing I could think of was Pope Francis’ deep hatred for women and mothers. I forgive him. I do. But I’ve never heard him repent of what he said.

I know, I should be even more forgiving, especially of Pope Francis, and maybe not ask him for repentance, just a condescending permission for me to “accompany” him. After all, I’m his own Missionary of Mercy, right? I use those particular faculties all the time. I accompany people right to Jesus, not to sin. I hope I don’t lose those entirely useful faculties for NOT being a “Yes man”. Pope Francis doesn’t want “Yes men.” He said so. Therefore, NO. Pope Francis needs to repent like anyone else, with sincerity.

What came to mind for me during Pope Francis’ Guadalupe Mass homily about Mary the other day were comments he made on Monday, January 19, 2015, during the in-flight press conference from the Philippines to Rome, in which he demonstrated just how much he despises mothers and motherhood. Sorry, but that’s the way my heart and soul and mind work, that is, with reality.

Pope Francis said: “I believe that the number of three [children] per family, which you [the reporter] mentioned, is important, according to the experts, for maintaining the population. Three per couple.” Then, after citing an example of a woman having more than three children he says that this is a “form of irresponsibility.” Would that be a sin, perhaps an ecological sin that he’s accusing that woman of committing, publicly? And then he speaks of rabbits: “Some people believe that – pardon my language – in order to be good Catholics, we should be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood.”

So, any woman who has more than three children is irresponsible, perhaps sinful, and a rabbit.

That makes my mom an irresponsible rabbit. Mom had two daughters with her first husband, and then, when he was killed in plane crash, she remarried and had two boys, including me, the last. That makes me child number 4. Last time I checked, 4 is more than 3. So, my mom is an irresponsible beast, and I’m the son of an irresponsible beast, according to Pope Francis. And she was probably sinful in her irresponsibility.

I thought it was bad enough when my “Shadow” called my mom a “b*tch.” A “b*tch” is a female dog. I’m not so sure how that’s so different from a rabbit. But this is the Pope.

So, that seals it then, right? He’s the Pope.

So, my mom is surely the most god-damnedest irresponsible beast.

Is that right, Pope Francis?

How about an apology?

There are plenty who follow this blog in the Holy See. They can give this to Pope Francis, who, as it happens, follows American blogs through his minions closely. I don’t want a phone call with an apology. I want to see him publicly repent of his remarks.

Now, I’ll set about writing about how a particular woman, Mary, can be more than a birth-robot. Stay tuned.


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12 responses to “Pope Francis and my “rabbit” mom

  1. Liz

    God bless and keep your dear earthly mother (and father too. Prayers for their souls!) At Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on the feast day I prayed for you, Father (and Fr. Gordon and Pornchai.) In fact, I was moved to pray for so many priests and seminarians but also their mothers. (Prayers for the “Shadow” as well.) I wish you could have seen so many priests and seminarians praising and loving their sweet mother. It was so touching. Prayers always for the Holy Father as well.

  2. Catherine

    The Nativity scenes at the Vatican have never been traditional since Pope Francis arrived. It seems to always be politcal in nature and thereby very cold and harsh. I prefer the traditional scenes of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph because it is full of love and goodness despite their rough surroundings. The Christmas birth of Jesus is about the Love He has brought into the world for mankind. Politics has been around since the beginning of time but Jesus chose to reveal what Love is all about despite what was going on in the world and what other people think is right or wrong.
    To have a child is a tremendous gift from God. There is testimony of so many people who speak of “special children” that escaped death and lived to be blessings to all those they encounter. It seems to me that to place a limit on the number of children to be born of a mother or to shame mothers may leave open that terrible scourge of abortion. Love will die. To shame mothers for having too many children makes me wonder how we are to view our Blessed Mother Mary who is the Mother of us all. I don’t think of Her as a rabbit. To do so would grievously offend our Lord.
    I am so sorry that your shadow spoke so ill of your dear Mother, may she rest in peace. We are are the fortunate ones to have you in our lives. Perhaps we can ask the Blessed Mother Mary to be a mother to your shadow and to our dear Pope Francis. God bless you Father George.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Pope Francis seems to see motherhood as nothing more than a duty to the state; hence 3 children and no more since that maintains a steady level of population to turn the wheels of industry. Increases in the “human herd”
    would necessitate more infrastructure (an irritation for atheistic government) and industry (an irritation for “Mother Earth”). And that’s really important if one sees man as no more than a tool of the state (as a Communist leadership does) and a polluter of the earth (as eco-paganism does).

    But the pope is supposed to be Catholic. Surely he should understand that it is a privilege to bring children into the world and raise them to be saints who will live with God for all eternity in Heaven. To do this is very difficult in today’s world bent on the destruction of our children, which is all the more reason we need an exceptionally holy Holy Father to lead the Church – a pope who will do all he can to protect the family and bring all men to Christ.

  4. MaryJean Diemer

    I am right up there with your mother. I had one and then triplets. Someone needs to tell the Pope that children are a gift from God.

  5. I am right up there with your mother. I had one and then triplets. Someone needs to tell the Pope that children are a gift from God.

  6. Madgalene

    Who do we believe? The new wordlist Francis or former popes and many saints? Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix: pray for us! May your triumph come soon.

  7. Joisy Goil

    I guess I’m a rabbit too. My husband and I have four sons and five grandkids. I consider them the crowning glory of my life, and God’s most precious gift to us. Thank you Abba.
    Doesn’t Francis believe that God will provide for the children He sends to the world?
    I wish someone would explain why all the powers to be want to limit population. It seems that if they all want to be top dog they would want followers. (of course the obvious answer is: the devil tries to destroy everything God created and loves)
    I’ll never forget when I learned that
    one of the auto manufacturers donated millions to Planned Parenthood. Seemed like a poor business choice to me. Most people buy bigger cars when they have more children. Also don’t they suppose that at least some of those millions of aborted babies would have bought cars if they were allowed to live? I think it is dumb to kill your future customers.

    • Aussie Mum

      It isn’t a poor business choice, Joisy Goil, if your business is so large and successful that even if you never got another customer through the doors you already have more money than you and your family could spend in one or even two or more lifetimes. The founders of Amazon and Microsoft, for instance, are billionaires one hundred times over. They don’t need most of us anymore. In fact, a smaller population is probably more attractive to them from a security point of view.

      • Joisy Goil

        Good point. hadn’t thought of that. It’s incomprehensible and scary that anyone could be that rich but it’s no doubt true.

  8. Joisy Goil

    Forgot to mention – I love that photo of you and your parents.

  9. With friends like this… sigh. I wish I could have had a big family, but I could never find a decent Catholic lady willing to homeschool. Too late for me now that I’m close to 60. With this sort of suicidal, defeatist leadership the next generation of Catholics will probably come up empty looking too.

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