Some Christmas Fruitcake Humor

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I mean, there have even been documentaries about Fruit Cake being gifted, only to be re-gifted indefinitely, for decades, one even since the late 1800s.

Fruit Cake was not at all my favorite as a kid. More recently it has grown on me, so to speak, which is why I’m on a Keto diet at present. My goal is 190, but numerous people tell me that would be a mistake, that ideally 210s would be a healthy weight. In that case, I’ve reached about the midway point. It’s one month today, with so far 20-25 lbs lost.


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2 responses to “Some Christmas Fruitcake Humor

  1. Jim Anderson

    I love fruit cake too. I tell people that I am the guy that the Post Office sends all the refused delivery fruit cakes to.

    Keep up all the work on your diet. Do it for your Moms in Heaven.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I used to look forward to fruit cake at Christmas each year, made with lots of fruit and plenty of sweet sherry, but I can’t manage the baking anymore and the factory-produced fruit cakes sold in the shops here always seem too dry; so no fruitcake in my home this Christmas.
    Mention of fruit cake brings back memories of my grandfather and a story he told me long ago about “Mother’s cake”. It was during WWI and she had baked him a fruit cake for his birthday (17th I think). She forgot to add the preserving agent, sherry, in her haste to get it ready in time to reach him on the other side of the world by his birthday. When the parcel from his mother arrived in the trenches it was night and in the dark he shared his birthday cake with the men near him, all except for one piece which he put in his pocket to enjoy the following morning. Everyone had so enjoyed the treat and it was too late to do anything after it had been eaten that he decided not to tell them what he found in the morning light. As he drew that last precious piece of Mother’s cake from his pocket he saw that it was full of mould!

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