Keto Day 36 (AM) for Jabba the Hut

So, day 37 and I’ve lost 23 pounds (+5 more = 28 if you count the prep week which amounted to eating lots of bacon!) I was in the mid-260s. I’m now in the mid-230s. I don’t know where I’ll stop. A number of people independently of each other all said exactly the same thing, that 210 to 215 would be ideal for me. We shall see. There is actually light at the end of the tunnel. This has never been the case with any attempt I’ve ever made. Of course, Keto forces an incomparably more healthy diet than what I was subjecting myself to previously.

  • I sleep more soundly.
  • I wake up with more zip.
  • I don’t collapse at sunset, but can keep busy in the evening.
  • I fall asleep easily.
  • I have much more energy during the day. Today I caught myself actually skipping down the steps of the rectory, much lighter on my feet. This would have been unthinkable two months ago.
  • Much clearer in the head. This is great. I’m getting much more psyched to get back into academic work. Still more progress needed though.
  • Less procrastination with things. This is super significant for my life. I’m able to arrange things and actually move into the rectory. Imagine. It’s been years since I’ve been in this tiny house.
  • This, of course, is having a great effect on my day to day life in general. Really good.
  • The blood pressure is down. I would often have 159/96. Waaaay toooo high. And that was with blood pressure meds. Today it’s 123/80. Still with meds, but – Hey! that’s real progress. If I had that without meds it would be something. But, you know, I’m still on Keto!
  • The blood sugar is normal. It used to be up to like 133 and my good doctor was warning that he was thinking of doing something about this. Now it’s down to high 80s two hours after a meal or about 106 – like this morning – not long after a meal. So, all good.

Truly, the results of this diet are stunning for me. I’m only sorry that I didn’t begin decades ago. I think everyone should do Keto beginning in their mid-thirties, thus avoiding the middle age spread and consquent obesity, avoiding in large measure high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, on and on. Of course, some have learned how to eat well. That’s the rare person. I didn’t. Keto has saved my life. I’m ever so grateful to the one who introduced me to this. I’m learning how to be moderate in my diet with food that is good for health. And… and… everything tastes much better.

Some notes:

  • After weighing myself in the morning, I calculate my BMI and then use those numbers for the Keto Calulator. I’ve learned to make my menu for the day before using that Keto Calculator, with all the macros added up (I created a spread sheet for that in WordPerfect). Whatever I think I should aim for regarding carbs, the menu gives the reality. Using the correct number of carbs for that particular day in the Keto Calculator changes quite radically the number of grams of fat you’re allowed. I’m only figuring this out now. That Keto Calculator can be used for whatever you want, from losing weight to gaining muscle.
  • I’ve been looking up nutrition facts on different foods anywhere on the internet, never using any Keto apps. As I find out, both can be way, waaaaay off, destroying your macros by really a lot. Then I landed on Very exact. Extremely easy to use. Perfect.
  • I enjoy being obsessive compulsive if there are directly measurable, tangible results: you do this, and that is the result. Very cool. The continuous positive feedback is great. The fatty diet provides that you don’t crave carbs, except just by memory of good things. Fine.
  • My doctor and his wife have both done Keto for years. I suspect that he’ll be interested to check my progress and note all the health benefits that Keto has gifted me with. I wonder if he’ll also check for any increase in cholesterol. I’ll be interested in that as well. That may be unfounded fears of some.
  • My doctor said not to be too obsessive compulsive in doing Keto. I was for the first weeks. But I’ve learned to loosen up a bit, experimenting with the menu a bit, including a stalk of celery here, even a carrot there, but not on the same day as a cucumber. :-)


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3 responses to “Keto Day 36 (AM) for Jabba the Hut

  1. Aussie Mum

    I’m glad the diet is going well and making such a difference.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Keep going Father!

  3. Cathy


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