True Meaning of Christmas by Ven. Fulton Sheen


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4 responses to “True Meaning of Christmas by Ven. Fulton Sheen

  1. I still miss him. He was a part of my growing up. I am sure that he is with God. He is a saint. If there any justice and virtue left in this old sinful world, someday he will be a Saint. It is only just and fitting.

  2. nancyv

    Thank you for this. It was a joy to watch and listen! (this will be a much shared Arise and Let us Be Going)

  3. pelerin

    I do enjoy watching these old programmes showing Archbishop Sheen. However in this one I can imagine a Catholic friend of mine spluttering into her coffee when Archbishop Sheen says that an animal has no personality or rights. She is an ‘Animal Rights’ supporter (a British organisation) and has demonstrated for them over the years even getting dragged away by a policeman on one occasion!
    Whilst I agree with the Archbishop about animals not having ‘rights’ certainly not in the same way as we do, I am not sure that I agree that animals do not have personalities. Anyone who has ever owned several cats or dogs over the years will know that each one is indeed different. And on watching a wonderful TV programme about life in a Monkey Sanctuary in Britain it is obvious that those who work there see each one as a different ‘personality.’
    Perhaps in Sheen’s day the word ‘personality ‘ had a different connotation to today?

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