Three Wise Men… Are You Serious? Humor.

I received a proclamation of “Touché” from the reader who sent in the previous Smart Alec dish towel for the answer I gave in response. Here:

But that admission was just to set me off guard and give me a false sense of confidence, as I was then immediately countered by… this other dish towel above.

There is also an entirely good explanation for the flabbergastery bluster going on here. This has nothing to do with any assertion that you could never find anywhere in the entire world a wise man, much less three of them, and at the same time and place. No.

This is all about there being only three wise men of all the uncountable wise men in all the world who showed up. Only three?!!!? Yes, but there is also an explanation for that. All the other wise men are busy trying to teach all the women folk how to be wise…

[[ I can see that this is not going anywhere good anywhere fast… How do I get out of this?… I haven’t been very wise… ]]



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5 responses to “Three Wise Men… Are You Serious? Humor.

  1. nancyv

    ha ha ha ha – and I ain’t being sarcastic or facetious or snarky. This is good and as a 60 yo from the day, I do appreciate this.

  2. O, Father, In this golden age of women are always right, you are playing with fire! lol

  3. Jeannie Diemer

    If a woman is always right and a man is always wrong, then if a man tells a woman she is right, is the man right or wrong? : )

  4. Catherine

    LOL…you have really got yourself in a pickle Father George. I would put “no comment” on this like you did with the other Three Wise Women. That was a wise thing to do.

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