Keto Day 47 for Jabba the Hut. Ooops. Totally *spoilt* edition.

jabba the hut

Controversy: *Cheat days* or *Splurge days* on Keto. What a fright. I guess it depends how it’s done. Priests have an especially difficult time doing up Keto as parish socials wreck havoc on good intentions, with everyone trying their best to *be nice to our priest*. Having made Keto a thing, however, most have learned that I’m stickin’ to it and most respect my wishes to be more charitable by staying alive by taking care of myself rather than being “nice” because I eat everything and more that everyone prepares for the socials.

Keto – being tailor designed for apparently obsessive compulsive but actually incredible results driven continuation – has provided a great excuse to keep the *Be a failure at your diet!” crowd, and the *It’s good to cheat!* crowd at bay.

Until now.

The other day was an anniversary for me – 38 years of priesthood – and a 25 year deputy, knowing I do like steak and knowing it is Keto friendly (he having done the research on all ingredients in secret sauce and spices and extras), secretly brought a charcoal grill to the church campus, hiding it behind the social hall. He disappeared during the homily to get it fired up and super heated and threw on two nine ounce steaks.

What could I do? It is Keto friendly. I’m soooo weak. They were devoured forthwith. A wonderful gift.*

Those sumptuous steaks gave me some overages for the day:

  • Protein: +82
  • Calories: +540
  • Fat: +23

Since my carbs for the day’s planned menu were only 9.56 I thought I would kind of be alright it I just stopped eating for the day and the next couple of days.

But this morning – on the scale – I find out that Ketosis truly is very powerful. Regardless of the overages, I still lost 2 ounces by the next day. That‘s encouraging. Truly a results driven continuation.

I’ve now lost more than 30 pounds. Sometimes it’s two steps down and one step up and repeat, but this is -0.63 pounds per day average.

PS: the gag hat is from a 90 year old ninja lady who leads the Rosary before Sunday Mass.

*But that gives no one permission to repeat that kind gesture!


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8 responses to “Keto Day 47 for Jabba the Hut. Ooops. Totally *spoilt* edition.

  1. Is Bulletproof Coffee part of the Keto plan?

    • Father George David Byers

      Nothing so fancy as Tibetan Yak butter in tea at 18,000 feet… I’m really a very simple man when it comes to food. I think it’s a mental block of some kind.

      The guy who introduced me to Keto last November recommended a pad of grass-fed butter in a mug of coffee. The lady at the store said she never did hear of any butter eating grass, cows yes, but not butter. Anyway, this morning, for example, I poured 24 oz of Folgers Breakfast Blend (the strongest) over a pad of Kerry Gold grass-fed butter and added a squirt of Stevia. Very pleasant in the early morning and it fills one up nicely. I’m not sure I like coconut oil and such. I’m not sure I would want MCT oil, as it instantly converts to ketones which, although providing instant brain clarity and energy (good!), are not really – I’m guessing – great for a “lose-weight” style of keto that I’m presently doing. This is not to say that it wouldn’t be great for a well balanced “maintain-weight” or “gain only muscle” keto type of diet that I might take up in future. I’ll still have another month or more on my “lose-weight” style of keto diet. But thanks for introducing me to that. Looks very interesting.

      • I heard about that coffee months ago , but it was called butter coffee. When I heard it was also called bulletproof coffee, I thought it must be something the glock carrying keto dieting priest must have tried. I might try a shot myself.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God that the overages were fat and protein rather than carbs. THAT would have ruint you! Think “just a taste” for a recovering drug addict. Steady at the helm, Father.

    • nancyv

      good counsel sanfelipe007. I lost 30 last year and have regained 16 because of “just a taste” (multiple times). It ain’t worth it.

  3. meshugunah

    FWIW, update on your eye injury, please? Prayed a novena on your behalf…

    • Father George David Byers

      Thank you. It’s just weird. The right eye has dots and whatevers of all kinds, stronger or weaker depending. It’s been hectic. I may… May get a second opinion.

      • meshugunah

        That’s a good idea! New perspective won’t hurt; sometimes looking at a problem for too long precludes seeing the other possible answers. Prayers continue…

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