Cross for each 1,000,000 children killed


The grommets busted on the flag. That’s kind of a symbol of the present state of these USA regarding our respect for life, given the present permissive “laws” regarding abortion.

The Knights of Columbus got a new rope and grommets forthwith. That’s kind of a symbol of the hope we have that those present permissive “laws” will be reversed coming up soon.

They put out one cross for each of the million babies murdered with acid attacks, ripped limb from limb, or effectively decapitated during birth.

There’s presently a case on the docket for the Supreme Court that might reverse at least in good measure the contrived case of January 22, 1973, by which seven of the nine justices decided to legislate from the bench so as to pretend that all this violence was legitimate in the Constitution because of their truly perverted perception of a right to privacy which, at any rate, the government does not respect in the least except for a person’s “right” – they say – to privacy when murdering someone else.

Even SCOTUS decisions can be overturned. Many have been overturned, thank God. Pray that the Justices follow justice, both in Natural Law and as that is reflected, in fact, in the Constitution of these United States of America.

We now have incomparably the most pro-life President in the history of these USA.

Please God we will get a reprieve in the extreme downward spiral we have suffered since the Constitution of this Constitutional Republic has been rejected as a rule of law with the R vs W case 47 years ago.

The Demoncrats are intent on the “power” they think they have by way of the murder of the innocent. They are freakish cowards wading through the rivers of blood and body parts of those they ensure to this day are killed off.

By the way, their support for abortion is, in fact, racist, consistent with the entire history of the Democrat Party. They fought for slavery. Now they fight to make sure the abortions they want funded are for black and indigenous peoples: genocide by attrition.


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7 responses to “Cross for each 1,000,000 children killed

  1. sanfelipe007

    Every word of your post resonates with me, Father. I also echo the thoughts in the first paragraph of nancyv’s comment.

  2. If the medical professionals are willing to dismember a developing child at the request of a parent and at the demand of the government, how well can I expect them, especially the medical profession and government, to treat me?

  3. nancyv

    I hope your very public display doesn’t get vandalized – but even if it does, it just makes it more powerful. With last years events (Nick from Covington) I bet the Right to Life March gets more media coverage, and with the Please God, overturning of Roe v Wade – we can rejoice as we pray in reparation for this horror against humanity.
    Also, thought of you when viewing this wonderful homily because he mentions “Arise, let us be on our way”…when you get a few minutes to view the homily starts at 23:23 (I hope to heck this is the link I copied – check it out first please – Funeral for Bishop Shirba)
    and this comment way to long – no need to print!

  4. Aussie Mum

    The now reigning post-Christian mentality is demonically anti-life. Contraception was pushed as a good and an abortion industry grew to stop children being born. Promotion of the homosexual lifestyle built along side it since the coupling of same-sex persons cannot produce children. Sympathy was aroused for the idea of voluntary euthanasia (medically assisted suicide) and led to doctors on their own or with the consent of judges ending the lives of those deemed unworthy of care. What next? Perhaps punishment (fines and/or being sent for re-education) for “ecological sins” against “Mother-Earth”. Perhaps even draconian laws introduced over “Climate Change” which is supposedly caused by too many people living well above subsistence level. Not only Pope Francis and his team but also the UN have promoted the environmental-friendly Pachamama idol. It seems that an Amazonian face, the living of an earth-centred (as opposed God-centred) sustainable lifestyle, is not only planned for Catholics but for the post-Christian world at large, which according to population “experts” needs to be pruned by about 3/4 (from 7 billion down to between1.5 to 2 billion people). In other words, the “new wisdom” is that 3 out of every 4 people presently alive are a burden that must be eliminated. Frightful! We need to rebuild Christendom and for the Church to stop playing nice with an atheist wielded paganism hell-bent on destroying man.

  5. It’s hard to believe the extreme cruelty and indifference of the “me generation” and their offspring

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