Dogs is better’n cats: Change my mind. Most playful attack dogs in the world.

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Yes, Shadow-dog does get hosed off. He likes that as much as getting muddy. He likes to bait Laudie-dog into playing, and she shows him who’s really boss, boxing his ears with both front paws at the same time, though not baring her ferocious fangs for a second. They really are best friends. She’s just cleaner, and wants to stay that way.

In an effort to change out mud holes, I restricted Shadow dog to being closer in to the house, as there is still an old fence to use. But his hopping from side to side in front of that fence when making his usual commentary on passing events has made for some embankments. As I kid, when I did that for downhill skiing up in the North Woods: moguls. I got good at it, enough to get little impromptu audiences. But maybe they were just waiting for the crazy-insane-kid to be out of the way.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the turning mogul on the right is dug down and built up from the hopping turns so that from bottom to top is about 1 1/2 feet high. That only took one day of unintentional mogul building. I’m impressed. Shadow gets his exercise all day every day.

The anomalous all-black GSDs have a slightly different genetic structure, closer, I would guess, to wolfdom. They have what some call a straight back instead of the back sloping down from shoulders to tail. But Shadow-dog’s back actually is higher. The speed factor is amazing.

He can go from the not-lying-down-but-actually-crouching-attack-position – closely eyeing a potential enemy who needs to be vetted out – to full speed racing as a test-attack to see the reaction of the would-be enemy, the ol’ going straight from zero to a hundred thing in bare nanoseconds. I like that. A lot. Even if the enemy is a squirrel, a cat, the neighbor’s therapy pony or the next-door neighbor’s dog. Sometimes, though, it’s a possibly nefarious human who instantly understands the instruction not to come over the fence to do up a home invasion. To see the speed, I only need to open the side gate to let him go in the bigger back yard.

Laudie-dog is much calmer. But she knows that she doesn’t need to prove herself to me. She’s already saved me so very many times from monsters: bears and lynx and coyotes and snakes and red wolves and now grey wolves, and even a panther. That last one was a fright.

  • Dogs are the best. Cats are… cats…
  • Dogs are man’s best friend. Cats are… cats…
  • Dogs protect you and yours. Cats… watch the worst go down…
  • Dogs are eager to learn. Cats think they know it all…
  • Dogs watch birds. Cat’s eat the birds for whom you put out bird-seed…

I mean, if you can add to the list, or defend cats (which I would be interested in seeing), drop a comment. Let me put it this way, although dogs and cats are equally God’s good creatures, my fallen human nature says:

Dogs are better than cats. Change my mind.

There were both dogs and cats around the house when I was a kid. I have dogs now, but no cats. Am I therefore wrong to even voice an opinion? Do I need to get a cat to be able to legitimately express my inner creation commentary?

If I were to get a cat, it would have to be black (to match priest-clothes), have short hair, not shed, be content with dry cat food, not scratch-attack, purr really really really a lot, and loudly, get along with both Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog without scratching their eyes out, and otherwise not be “catty”… or is that something cats absolutely have to be?

Finally, I know, I know: there are anomalies…


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10 responses to “Dogs is better’n cats: Change my mind. Most playful attack dogs in the world.

  1. pelerin

    What an amazing video. (I presume it has not been tampered with – you can never be quite sure today if what you are seeing is real what with photo-shopping and such like.) You read from time to time how dogs can save human lives but this is the first time I have heard of a cat attacking a dog in order to drag it away from a child. I have always been a ‘cat person’ and feel a lot happier in the company of a cat than a dog with the exception of the neighbour’s cat which attacked me last year and sunk its teeth into my arm and would not let go – I still have the scars!
    They do say that you own a dog but a cat owns you.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I’ve cared for cats and dogs. Dogs win hands down. I have noticed, by observing both dog and cat owners, that:
    A cat will only stay with you as long as you feed them.
    You can’t take a cat hunting.
    Dogs are mentioned in the Bible
    Cats are not
    Cats refuse to honor the dominion that God granted Man.
    A “good” cat is like a “good” substance abuser – you have to wonder about their motives. -ducks for cover-

  3. Succinctly put, “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.”

  4. nancyv

    apples and oranges.

  5. meshugunah

    It’s been my observation that dog folk love dogs, cat folk love animals…I think you can tell from my profile pic that I’m a cat person.

  6. Aussie Mum

    My first thoughts were that the video was staged but that assumption was based on this being a home video and the child the subject. It struck me as odd that after filming the child on one side of the vehicle the person behind the camera switched to the other side to film the approaching dog and then switched back to the child’s side as the dog came round and attacked him. Therefore I thought the attack was likely an expected play attack. We had a large dog (not unlike Shadow-dog) that would play attack my sons when they were older children, his teeth even tearing their clothes sometimes but never their skin. And I have seen our cats attack our dogs, aware of how far they could safely go because they were raised with each other.

    However, when my son viewed the video he said it looked like security footage, one from a camera situated on the garage and another from the house entry point. If so, I guess it was a real dog attack and that was one brave little cat defending the child.

  7. sanfelipe007

    One thing perplexes me. Why doesn’t the woman pick up the child? She leaves the child who then gets up unassisted to run away.

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