Keto Day 54 Jabba the Hut Pros vs Cons

jabba the hut

It’s 14 January 2020 and so far 35.6 pounds have disappeared since November 21.

That’s 0.56 lbs lost per day average.

I started well-into the BMI category of “obese”, as you might expect for someone nicknaming himself Jabba the Hut. But already since December 27 the BMI has dropped into the “overweight” category. My aim is drop down into the top of what is considered a “healthy weight” range. That will still take another 50 days or so, to about 198 lbs.

BENEFIT #1: I’m being further enabled in being available for my duties of being a spiritual father of this parish family.

You have to know, the remoteness of this Appalachian parish means that this is a medical desert so that our local hospital (some 15 miles away) has started to become a mere helipad for being airlifted all the way to Erlanger-Barroness Hospital on the far upper West side of Chattanooga in neighboring West Tennessee.

Driving, that’s about 5 hours round trip rectory door to Surgical-ICU room door. Previously, I would seriously hesitate to start out at 6:30 PM on a dark January night after having been going all day since 2:50 AM what with multiple Holy Hours at the various parish churches, the Sunday Masses, the two socials, the nursing home, and lots of visits to the home-bound. But with the Keto diet – Hey! – I can happily do it. Truly more energy.

I was totally alert even if a bit tired – a good tired – by the time I pulled into the rectory driveway toward midnight. For me, that’s a great result. This alertness also made negotiating the zillion hairpin turns along the Ocoee Ranger District of Cherokee National Forest along the gorge-reservoir of West Tennessee – coming and going – a true joy and even a musical event, making the tires of Sassy the Subaru ♬ Sing ♬.

Maybe I shouldn’t admit that out loud… Too many law enforcement officers listening in…

;-) Keto allows me to have more fun. ;-)

BENEFIT #2: Keto has allowed me to make some friendships. Conversations are struck up with people I’ve never spoken to before but who see me round about town and notice the rather dramatic weight loss and want in on the action. I end up sending them links:

I also mention some dangers for diabetics and for those who don’t drink enough fluids.

The most recent of these events was last night. This was with the most unexpected person in town. I like that. I like that a lot.

BENEFIT #3: My own personal usage of the Keto diet is to jump start healthiness, for which I have a plan:

  1. Get back to a more healthy weight.
  2. Start ever so slowly to exercise in whatever way I can taking into consideration other unrepeatable conditions unique to myself. This was simply quite impossible when being waaaay too heavy.
  3. Tweak the Keto Calculator so that it’s not about losing fat but about gaining muscle.
  4. Finally, get off the Keto diet altogether, going back to carbohydrate metabolism, but this time with the added benefit of being disciplined and healthy, looking to incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in moderation.
  5. Get off – if possible – any blood pressure meds and such.

BENEFIT #4: Getting squared away. You need mental clarity and energy to get squared away – all things in order – and Keto has provided both, so that I’m starting to do things that I haven’t done for very many years. This is NOT a matter of being determined. It just happened. Keto is providing great attitudinal benefits. This Keto diet has really changed life for the better for me in every way. I’ve been begging the Lord for the wherewithal to do many things, and I think this is partially His answer. Getting squared away sets up a foundational psychological structure. I like it. I like it a lot. And it just happens.

BENEFIT #5: Changing out the Jabba the Hut picture for a Guard-Donkey (Palestinian, of course, as they are called, with all due respect for George Alexander Trebek[!]). All priests should be Guard Donkeys of their sheep, Jesus’ tiny flock.


THE ONLY DRAWBACK OF THE KETO DIET: I mentioned to a parishioner this past Sunday that there was a drawback to the Keto diet. “What’s that?” she asked. “Well, I’m starting to have to get smaller sized clothes,” said I.

♬♬♬ “Oh! You pooooor baaaaaaby!” ♬♬♬ she exclaimed.


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7 responses to “Keto Day 54 Jabba the Hut Pros vs Cons

  1. sanfelipe007

    HAHA! You need a tailor, Tevya…

  2. pelerin

    At that rate you will have disappeared by Christmas! But seriously I was under the impression (but I am not a doctor) that it is not advisable to lose too much at a time but I presume your doctor knows what you are doing?

  3. Aussie Mum

    It’s good to read that you are doing so well Father. I hope you will be able to stop taking any meds soon or at least to reduce them since all have side effects, some nastier than others.

  4. nancyv

    Your list of pros and con makes us happy!

  5. I’ll admit I am an interested skeptic when it comes to popular diets, but that weight loss is quite impressive. I have to check out those links!

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