Experience of a Jewess: Auschwitz Gas Chambers

I think it was in 2008, while residing in Lourdes as a “permanent chaplain” (as they are called), living in the chaplains’ house far above the grotto, I was witness to all four FSSPX Bishops assisting at Holy Mass in the Underground Basilica of Saint Pius X. There were well over 20,000 pilgrims in attendance. To be specific, Bishop Richard Williamson was, of course, among them. Bishop Williamson is a Holocaust denier, particularly of the gas chambers. He should watch this video of this Jewess’ account of the gas chambers.

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  1. pelerin

    Thank you for showing this courageous lady’s testimony of her time in Auschwitz. Her witness and that of those others whose testimony has been filmed will hopefully let future generations know what happened in the Concentration Camps during that terrible time. All school children should be made to watch her testimony
    My step-father served in the British army during the war and he was one of those who liberated Bergen-Belsen. My mother told me he ‘never really got over it’ and would never speak about his experience as a young soldier. How much more difficult must it be for a survivor of the Camps to recall their memories and I salute this brave lady for wanting the world to know what happened in there.

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