Tail of the Dragon today making tires sing!

I was escapading today on the Tail of the Dragon. Being named after Saint George I had to slay that dragon, making him scream in pain. Or was that just my tires singing on the curves?

This being Tuesday, this being the infamous day off, I figure I always have to do something spectacular. Today I’m due to get a good talking to by a bishop from the Holy See, that is, me and other troublemakers like me. More on that after the fact.


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4 responses to “Tail of the Dragon today making tires sing!

  1. sanfelipe007

    Sounds like a management trick my father used well. Assemble several scofflaws together, with at least one person being totally expendable while the others are the real target, or maybe just one high-value* employee among several expendables. The idea was to let them all have it, then end by making an example of an expendable, so that the others might be well motivated to work. I’m guessing that you are the high-value “employee,” Father.
    *A high-value employee was never to be subjected to such treatment, but had to believe that they were eligible.

  2. Maybe you are tatsu no otoshigo, Father

    • Father George David Byers

      Yes, that would be right. Of course. But only until Jesus usurps the rights of that dragon over me.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Praying for you, Father.

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