Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (What will be a man is already so, ed.)


It’s the “dead of winter.” February in the northern hemisphere. It’s not that there’re not any flowers in these dark days. You just have to know where to find them. They could be in bud-form. These buds were found on the very top of a mountain ridge at one of my Communion Call stops.

The other day we had a closing Mass for a Knights of Columbus sponsored novena of prayer for the establishment of a greater respect for life in these USA and around the world, that is, respect for life from natural conception to natural death.

So, “from natural conception…” Why is that? Surely that “product of conception” or that “tissue” or that “annoying multiplication of cells” – the deadly euphemisms the hellish “Planned Parenthood” would use… surely that little “thing” is not already a man, is it?

Yes. What will be a man is already a man. Those are the words of Saint Thomas Aquinas way back in the 1200s. His arguments, though he can also cite endless Scriptural texts and references to the great ecclesiastics throughout the millennia, his arguments are based on natural law, on philosophy, on reason, all of which applies to everyone whatever their religious background, whatever their opinion otherwise happens to be. In other words, that little one in the womb is not a salamander, or a cow. No. That’s what the money hungry abortion industry wants people to think. This is a vulnerable human being that we’re talking about.

Let’s take an example with Jesus. When He was just seconds old in the womb of His good mom, the Blessed Virgin Mary, she raced off to assist her cousin Elizabeth who was with child with John the Baptist in her old age. I imagine that at her age, she could have run from Nazareth down Ein Karem (Spring of the Vineyard), the tiny mountain village on the western cliffs of Jerusalem, where Elizabeth lived with her ancient of days husband, Zechariah. I walked just a bit more than that distance (except in the Jordan River Valley) in less than 24 hours as a crippley 30 year old two days before the outbreak of Desert Storm, some 50 miles. Fine, I was hurting for a couple of weeks after that, but – Hey! – I did it! I’m sure young Mary could have made much better time, especially since she had just become the Tabernacle of the Most High, a living Ark of the Covenant, she who stomps on the crescent moon, is clothed with the Sun, who is adorned with stars (as we read in the Apocalypse:


So, Jesus, just a few cells multiplying like mad in her womb, had his soul and divinity, was already a divine God-Man, and worked His first miracle of grace for His cousin, little John the Baptist, in the womb of Elizabeth. Elizabeth herself was filled with the Holy Spirit as well. Jesus did this when He was less than 24 hours old, just some cells. He’s already a Man, a God-Man.

Also, let’s call to mind dearest Mary calling herself “The Immaculate Conception” in Lourdes some 1858 years later. In other words, the Queen Mother, God’s good mom, Queen of Heaven and Earth, of angels and men, equated herself with her first moment of conception, for at that moment, just a cell, was already herself, and from the first moment of conception, as she was without original sin, she was already absolutely perfectly doing the will of God. And what can be better than that, being the Queen Mum? No. Jesus points to doing the will of God. No one did this better than Mary, and from the first moment of her conception.

So, a budding flower for you, dearest good mother of Jesus.


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5 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (What will be a man is already so, ed.)

  1. sanfelipe007

    Amen! Inspired by love.

  2. Aussie Mum

    When I see the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe I think of the battle between the Culture of Life, led by our Blessed Mother, and the Culture of Death, led by the devil. The crescent moon reminds me of Islam; at the same time, the middle of that crescent being obscured causes it to look like the horns of a beast and brings to mind the horned god of the Canaanites, Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in Ancient Times.
    Our Lady’s coming to Mexico at the dawn of Modern times put an end to human sacrifice among the Aztecs, and the coming triumph of her Immaculate Heart in our post-Modern Times will put an end to all false religions and the abortion industry, thank God.

  3. pelerin

    Not many people seem to know that the European flag was designed by someone who based it on the crown of twelve stars of Our Lady as seen on the ‘Miraculous Medal’ with a blue background also referring to Our Lady. It was supposed to be secular so I understand the winner of the competition held – Monsieur Arsene Heitz – said blue was chosen because that colour did not appear in any other European flag! The Council of Europe has never contained 12 countries – 6,9 then 15 etc!
    By a strange coincidence (the French would call it Providence) the flag was adopted on the 8th December 1955 – the deliberations for the competition as well as many other projects were due to last three days from the 7th to the 9th December 1955 and all the documents are dated December 9th but everything happened so quickly that work was finished on the 8th December – the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
    Sadly we no longer see the European flag flying proudly from British masts. (I attended Mass in the Rue du Bac this weekend and remembered you Father George.)

  4. Aussie Mum

    Pelerin, what you have written about the EU flag is very interesting. Have you heard of Blessed Karl of Austria-Hungary (beatified 2004)? He was a descendant of the Holy Roman Emperors and was sent into exile with his wife and their children at the end of WWI. Their son Otto Von Habsburg (1912-2011) spent much of his life working for a united Europe underpinned by the Catholic Faith. I think the understanding of the EU flag as you describe it would have filled his heart with hope and joy that Europe will return to its roots: a reunited Christendom. I think it will in time.

  5. pelerin

    My thanks to Aussie Mum for this information – no I had not heard of Blessed Karl or his son.
    Fr George may be interested to know of the security I noticed for the first time in the Chapel in the rue du Bac. A well built man stood half way down the side aisle with his back to the altar facing the entrance door for the entire length of the Mass. It is sad that this is necessary in these dangerous times. The main-line Paris stations are still being patrolled by armed soldiers and to access the Paris Tourist Office you have to place your bags through an X ray machine as it is situated in the City Hall not far from Notre-Dame. Around Notre-Dame there is at present an exhibition of very large photographs of the fire there and the aftermath. The towers are still standing although I have been told by a retired Paris fireman that it is by no means certain that they are saved. There is still so much work to be done…

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