On becoming an old geezer. I like it.


It’s important to keep a sense of humor.

This was seen at a Communion Call the other day. The old geezer guy there, down at Shootin’ Creek (a real place in these most remote of back ridges of the Appalachians), has stage four cancer. His wife is so helpful and loving to him. Neither are senile.

I love being a priest, taking Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament through His beautiful creation to His Little Flock. It’s so very easy to see Jesus in His Little Flock.


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3 responses to “On becoming an old geezer. I like it.

  1. Nan

    My cousin is a social worker and at one point worked at a nursing home. She told a story about a resident threatening others with a knife. They were terrified until they forgot.

  2. Joisy Goil

    Like they say, “getting old ain’t for sissies!”
    So what’s the definition of ‘old geezer’? 70’s?, 80’s?, 90’s?. Or is it just a state of mind? (or health?) Somedays I feel like an old geezer and other days – just old.
    Prayers for you Father and the folks you visit.

  3. Suzanne Jacklin

    The word ‘senility’ sounds so much better to me, than the word ‘dementia’. Somehow, the term ‘senile’ sounds so much more ‘benevolent’ and ‘forgiving’, than the newer term, ‘demented’ … don’t you think?
    It really is quite disturbing — and scary — when you begin to realize that you’re ‘forgetting’ more and more, with every passing day!
    As well, ‘old geezer’ doesn’t sound so bad … especially, when compared to what old women are sometimes referred to as, an ‘old hag’!

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