Keto Day 83: Exercise for Jabba the Hut


A reader sent this in. I responded by saying that “working out” is the operative phrase here. Exercising is key to making Keto successful in the best way – cutting down, btw, on any adverse too much fat in arteries fears.

Here’s my sorry story that Keto-ing is turning around. Though I was already a bit cripplely in the legs, some traffic accidents some 21 to 25 years ago threw me into a wheel chair for a year and then “Canadian crutches” for another couple of years. In my weakness, I let that be an excuse for not exercising much at all, with me then ending up as Jabba the Hut. One time I reached 278 pounds. That scared me, and I tried to go on diets, losing even 30 pounds a couple of times, but hitting a plateau and not knowing anything about how dieting worked. That failed.

I was introduced to Keto by a friend this past November 2019, and my doctor (also a Keto-er) gave me the green light, knowing already that my kidneys were in good shape, that my cholesteral levels were good, that I wasn’t yet diabetic. I’m close to having lost 46 pounds since November 21, 2019, and it’s now only February 11, 2020. I’ve still got some 24 pounds to go before getting just within the upper limits of a “healthy weight” on the Bethesda Naval Hospitals BMI scale. So, that’ll be another 48 days or so, but I’ll add just some days in order to get me just a few pounds into the healthy range. That will bring me up to the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week. Hey! Good Timing!

Not having exercised in so long, and being heavy, I’ve become frustrated in doing even a few sit-ups, a few push-ups, etc., giving up. However, in losing this weight with Keto these simple and basic exercises have started to become possible, but still with only a few repetitions. I mentioned my dilemma to a good friend, and his immediate comment utterly dismissing my frustration was this:

The point of exercise is not what you do or how much of whatever, just that you have a set time every day to exercise.

Brilliant psychology, that.

So, being unwise, and lazy, I didn’t follow that advice, doing up a bit of exercise every couple of weeks, when I felt like it. Even that has helped a great deal. It has become easier to do more than one of whatever exercise, so this will now become part of my day. Since I’m only starting, my numbers for the very few exercises I do for a session are pitiful, but I’ll lay out here what I do for encouragement of those who are in as bad a shape as I have been. Mind you, this isn’t much, but for me, it’s entirely fantastic. You gotta start somewhere.

  • 30 sit-ups, but not entirely regulation in style. I would be DQed by any coach anywhere. But the proper form will come along soon enough. I’m content with starting in a Jabba the Hut manner.
  • 30 reps of weights, well, not really weights. This comes down to a five pound three foot long crow bar with some weights attached to either side. Laughable, really. It’s fine to be humorous with yourself.
  • 30 fake push-ups. I’m still to heavy to do push-ups without hearing the smashing up of the insides of the shoulders, so I do fake push-ups. I’ve made a heavy, tall work bench for myself. That’s in the bed-room against the wall. I put myself at a 45 degree angle with that, chest against the top of the bench, and push up. Easy peasy? Well, it’s just perfect for the shape I’m in, so I’ll do this, even though it’s laughable.
  • 30 sets of a quick 5-count of quadriceps conditioning. The quadriceps are the four muscles that come together just above the knee cap. These get very weak and disappear just as soon as they are not needed much, as has been the case with me the last 25 years or so. A great doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester taught me this trick to get them back into shape. You put some weights on your ankles and, sitting down, bring your lower legs almost up to being straight out, but not quite. Then, straighten them out and hold that position for some seconds, then let them down just a few inches, then repeat. He said that that’s the only exercise that will have a direct effect on the quadriceps, which are essential for everything else. Being bad and evil and lazy, I didn’t much do that, but this is now becoming part of my sessions. It seems like a nothing exercise if you’re in good shape, and a waste of time, and even if you’re out of shape entirely it will stupid for a week or so, but then it will catch up with you, as it did to me once when I put on too many weights too early, against advice. Not being humble enough to take direction is what made me Jabba the Hut.

Keto has really saved this sorry knucklehead.

Yes, I really did do a session of those exercises already today. But we’ll see if I can start adding sessions more than once a day.

P.S. That cartoon above? That’s actually a serious point. It’s soooo difficult to stay the course when you have everyone insisting to throw liberal low-carb food at you while you’re trying to do strict Keto.

Few get the plot that it’s a matter of not allowing a switch-back to a different metabolism every few days because that would be terribly unhealthy. However, I’m slowly learning how to insist on just saying that I’ll be doing my own thing regardless. That’s freeing in and of itself. Good training for all things. It’s such a small matter. But it’s these small matters that will make or break someone. It’s good to learn how to handle these small matters well. I think our Lord speaks about that, doing the small things well, and then…


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3 responses to “Keto Day 83: Exercise for Jabba the Hut

  1. Would you apply your friend’s comment about physical exercise to prayer as well? For some of us, we are fat and out of shape spiritually and only pray when we fee like it!

  2. Aussie Mum

    I’m glad the Keto diet is working for you Father, and glad that you may be able to do more with your thesis soon.

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