Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation QUERIDA AMAZONIA of Pope Francis

eucharist pope francis

The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation QUERIDA AMAZONIA of the Holy Father FRANCIS to the People of God and to All Persons of Good Will, of 12 February 2020, has nothing about female deacons or priests, nothing about non-celibate priests. :-)

Pope Francis: as your Missionary of Mercy, if I can make brave to speak on behalf of the entire Church, we all thank you.


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6 responses to “Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation QUERIDA AMAZONIA of Pope Francis

  1. Aussie Mum

    Yes, indeed; relieved and thankful.

  2. Catherine

    Dear Father George,
    It is good what Pope Francis wrote.
    However, the bottom line is I have grown to distrust our spiritual leader. Having made that confession, it reminds me of what I have read on the Papacy of Puis XII during the war. Pope Puis XII, may he rest in peace, saved so many lives and fought against the evil of the Nazi’s with the tools God entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church. People thought Pope Puis was a traitor to Jews, Catholics, etc., but what we have to remember iis that in war you can’t be telling your enemy the game plan. So with Pope Francis, I am hoping eternal, that he is another Pope Puis XII in his intentions. All I can do is pray, pray, pray and hold onto Jesus’ coat tails and Trust In Jesus.
    God bless you Father!

    • Anne Maliborski

      Agreeing with you on Pope Francis’s intentions, Catherine. The first step is to be accepting and show compassion and kindness, while having the Holy Church lead the way through truth. You have to open the gate first for His people to enter. Then hopefully the Pope will lead the way of Truth. Many will slip off of the path to truth when they discover that the Church will not relent to their ways, but there is always hope that many will also find Jesus’ forgiveness, and by the grace of God, be enlightened by His Truth. I pray that Pope Francis did not “go where we all thought he might” in the Apostolic Exhortation just to avoid the subject for the time being, to appease all of us upset Catholics. Let’s pray that his intentions are slyly disguised somehow, for the good of the Holy Church.

      • Father George David Byers

        The only Gate, of course, is Jesus, as He said. The Gate is His Pierced Heart. No one enters but through Him. He is the Living Truth. Its either Jesus or nothing. People either accept Jesus with His wounds and the accept His forgiveness of their sins from which they repent with purpose of amendment, or they reject Jesus Himself. It’s all and only about Jesus.

  3. Joisy Goil

    In the movie “The Shoes of the Fisherman”, the pope was having some great difficulties and his papal advisor and seemingly nemesis says, ‘this is Calvary your holiness and you have just begun to climb.’
    I’ll bet all the Popes have had uphill battles and poor Francis is no exception. He’s probably really having a real tough time. (fake news, pressure from so called advisors, the Papal swamp, etc.)
    He looks so sad in this picture. Let’s all give him the benefit of the doubt and pray for him. Ask our Lady to hold him in her arms and console his heavy heart. It can’t be easy to run the church, especially now in the ‘end times’.

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