Keto Day 90 = 51 lbs 23 kgs 3.6 stone :-)

That’s averaging 0.56 lbs lost per day, having lost in that time a good week or two with out-of-state activities and no control over the diet.

Getting closer to the goal, the exercise is picking up, and I’m looking to getting muscles back in shape after decades of no exercise.

It’ll be a little while yet, as I’m still about 20 lbs short of the goal. That may be problematic to reach, as I have yet another international conference to go to out of state, if it’s not yet filled up. This time it’s the ICPC, International Police Chaplains Association. That’s in another 26 days from now, which is 14.56 lbs away in Keto time. That will leave me 4 lbs short of the goal, but that may be close enough to go ahead transition off of Keto to something a bit more friendly to taking care of muscles.

Keto has taught me more about foods and discipline and taking care of myself, so the lifestyle, if you will, post-Keto, will also, hopefully, include some motivation regarding taking care of this carcass which, by the grace of God, is to be the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit precisely because it is, with my soul, redeemed by Christ Jesus.

Having said that, I love the bacon.


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5 responses to “Keto Day 90 = 51 lbs 23 kgs 3.6 stone :-)

  1. sanfelipe007

    Well done, Father!

  2. Aussie Mum

    What Sanfelipe said.

  3. Monica Harris

    Are you going to keto your 60th Birthday Extravaganza next week, Father Byers? On Mardi Gras or thereabouts, your “day off!” I hope.

  4. maryb

    Hope you do get to go to ICPC, father… and glad you are posting; was a bit worried when there was nothing new. May God bless!

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