Road Danger: February harvesters in Nantahala Gorge

claas harvester

I didn’t expect to see such as this being hauled on a low-rider flat bed through the Nantahala Gorge last night. It’s entirely miraculous that this harvester – minus the rig out front but still 3 to 4 feet wider than the lanes of the two way traffic – didn’t meet another truck turning wide around a sharp blind curve to avoid scraping the rock face cliff on the inside of the curve next to him (with the river and guard-rails on the far side).

The harvester guy did not have a “WIDE-LOAD” chase vehicle out front or out back. Not that he has to, as I don’t know the law on taking up two lanes… But I was imagining an oncoming car of an entire family being wiped out by the rear balloon tires on a blind curve when half the oncoming traffic lane was already occupied by those tires. Depending on his (lack of) control, he would either be halfway into the oncoming lane or destroying whatever was over the white line on the other.

Down in Murphy he entirely gave up trying not to cross into the other lane as this was forcing the other side over the white line, and the curbing, and destroying the front lawns of businesses with the back balloon tires smashing hard into the curbing and plowing through the lawns, spraying mud and turf and smashing into who knows what utility hookups. So, he just went ahead and took up two full lanes of traffic. Further on, there were a couple of pickups that passed him on the 4-lane, as they call it here, but they had half their vehicles across the white line of the median on the one side while the harvester was fully four and five feet over the white line on the other side.

Thinking all this is a bit dangerous, I called 911. But there are often no available officers. Times are changing. There’s a lot more going on. You only have so many resources.

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One response to “Road Danger: February harvesters in Nantahala Gorge

  1. Aussie Mum

    Here in Australia I have never seen a “wide load” not accompanied by a vehicle at each end (out in front and behind) with a sign giving warning to others on the road; there would be terrible road accidents otherwise. I’m glad you and other drivers in the vicinity didn’t collide with the wide load you encountered passing through Nantahala Gorge – it seems miraculous that no-one did – and I hope you get more road patrol officers there soon. Come to think of it, having warning vehicles for wide loads should happen even without law enforcement in a moral society since not to employ those vehicles could result in multiple deaths. I guess the increased need for policing and subsequent stretch of policing resources is a sign of the times. Morality is in decline across all nations but that decline will turn around, very soon I hope.

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